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Thread: what is FishVille Roll Call

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    what is FishVille Roll Call

    I have been a FishVille addict for a year now. First three months, I only played with Fish, many died till I got the real habit. I came in to the forum one day because I had 20 turtles in my first tank and could not figure out how to get rid of them. I tried everything including dragging them to the sell button but nothing doing here and also I have heard about the roll call which really helps to recover from the same so let me know what can I do here and how to solve the issue.

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    Re: what is FishVille Roll Call

    I come here often to try to help out and give my unsolicited opinions. This is the only game I play however I do abide by the "elderly law" that I am required to play a bingo game and slot machines whenever possible. Other than that this is my only video game I've ever played and I enjoy it immensely. Mostly it's the ladder buddies and the people here that keep me posting and reading what's going on who's got a solution to a problem I may have or a good suggestion. I have learned a lot coming here more, so much more than a person can learn just playing on their own that's for sure. Especially if you're having an issue it's good to know you're not alone and there is always someone to help you out here.

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    Re: what is FishVille Roll Call

    I am addicted to FishVille I bought some SD's and come here at least once a day to read stuff hoping to find new ideas, and friends. I love this game but there is a lot of sync problems I have but I still come back. I enjoy seeing all the tanks I can but it gets kind of boring when itís the same thing over and over and takes me too much time to visit the tanks because my FishVille lags so much. But I love the sale they are having and hoping to meet new friends. I like the way people help the people on FishVille are very kind and helpful and hope Zynga will also help you to solve the issue.

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    Re: what is FishVille Roll Call

    I started off trying out a couple different Zynga games, PetVille being the first one, City Ville being the second then I finally tried this one and haven't felt the need or want to play anything else. The anniversary sale is awesome, there's more fish than I can buy but I enjoy seeing all of the pretty varieties anyway, even if I can't get them. I know I'll be able to enjoy them in some of my FishVille friends tanks at least. I got even more into FishVille after the excellent customer support I got when I sold my Marine which I got by accident.

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    Re: what is FishVille Roll Call

    I am playing this game my good friend was trying to get me to play this game for the longest time so i finally caved and agreed to play, and I'm totally amazed on how beautiful and fun this game is I'm obsessed with decorating my tanks! And now all my "real" friends on Facebook that I know in my life don't play it anymore which is really sad But I still play it and love it. I'm also a big gamer on Xbox 360 my favorite games are Fable III, Halo Reach, Gears of War 2, Viva Pinata, Dragon Age Origins too many to name.

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