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Thread: Increase FPS in crysis 2 beta

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    Increase FPS in crysis 2 beta

    I was not able to achieve the smooth gameplay even on low which is weird because my system passes minimum requirements so for that reason I opened my system specification and made some changes , I wonder how I can actually increase the FPS in order to work my game in more smoother manner , please help me out . Can anyone please help me out , can increasing FPS will really boost up the performance of my game .

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    Re: Increase FPS in crysis 2 beta

    Unluckily, your graphic card is meant at the low end budget market and if you mean to use it with today’s newest titles, your going to have to decrease your gaming resolution to a amount where the game can be played at ease and you'll have to toggle off and on those cpu draining the fx settings in the options screens of the games, if you are serious in relation to games, the only real negotiation is to invest in a nice graphic card of which there are in abundance of out there.

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    Re: Increase FPS in crysis 2 beta

    I am facing a similar kind of issue each time I play the online game Crysis everything runs good, but due to some reasons my the latency is always below 200 and do now know why t my FPS is very bad.. usually about 15 or less. In shat it would be at like 7. I am not even able to run Fraps because , there is comparatively less L PS , I a not content at all the wasy my game is actually going , I tried the above method , but it was not of much help for me , please do a bit of research on this subject and give me valid response , I will be grateful to you.

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    Re: Increase FPS in crysis 2 beta

    There are few possible ways for you to increase the FPS in your system , as you said that you are not content the way your game is actually running , so less FPS might be the possible reason , if asked about its solution there , I will ask you to improvise on your graphic card , I am not aware of the graphical support of the Crysis game , but as you had said that there is adequate graphical support it should actually run smoother , I wil ask you to close all the background process that is running while the game is in progress and also there are a few commands in the particular game as well that will help you to boost up the FPS of your game .

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