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Thread: Can Crysis 2 work on LAN mode

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    Can Crysis 2 work on LAN mode

    I am totally into gaming and like to play diverse video games. I have an entire set of awesome games, with abundant of games for the pc. It is a trouble-free and an effortless game with no complicated key combinations. I even have games wherein I feel excited and pleased, Recently I have heard about the game of Crysis 2 and quite appreciate its reviews but I want to know more about the game and even that can Crysis 2 be played in multiplayer mode on a network of LAN.

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    Re: Can Crysis 2 work on LAN mode

    Crysis is a game which relates to the alien invasion placed in 2020. The Invasion force of North Koreans has captured the team of archeology who are on a remote island of Pacific. Now what happens is that some special forces of the US is been dispatched to scrutinize the issue and rescue them. Now you are left into the tropical paradise with a parachute and you are supposed to deal with enemies who are very sharp. I like the way you are initially dressed in a nano type suit with a lovely armour.

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    Re: Can Crysis 2 work on LAN mode

    Initially the starting half of the Crysis 2 game is basically a sandbox kind of game where you are supposed to deal with extremely large levels and tested with a motive. And it depends on you as to how you complete the the given task. For example the situation you are kept in are colossal enough and offers a wide range of freedom. And it is you who decides whether you want to follow a particular map or go for some indirect route so as to avoid the hard confronts of the enemies. And yes it is possible to play the game on a network of LAN.

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    Re: Can Crysis 2 work on LAN mode

    First of all you need to download the game, just search for the torrent of the game on the torrent sites and download the game. After you have completed with the download you can extract the files to the desired location on your machine. Now you are supposed to open the main folder of Crysis 2 beta, search for the file named system.cfg and open it in notepad application. Now in that particular Notepad you are supposed to delete everything and paste the following code instead of that :
    ; crysis2
    r_ShadersRemoteCompiler=0 ; 0 represents the compiler of local shader
    r_displayInfo = 0 ; this will disable the information from the top right of your display
    r_enableAltTab = 0 ; this disables alt-tabbing option
    log_Verbosity = 1 ; this code is for the log errors
    log_WriteToFile = 0 ; this will not allow you to write log to a file
    sys_languages = “english,french,spanish,german,turkish”
    sys_float_exceptions = 0 ; this will disable the exceptions of performance expensive float
    net_inactivitytimeout = 32
    net_inactivitytimeoutDevmode = 32
    g_enableInitialLoginScreen = 0 ; This will disable the initial login screen when you start the game
    g_gamespy_loginUI = 0 ; This will disable the login screen of the multiplayer
    net_lanbrowser = 1 ; In multiplayer server browser it will search for the LAN results instead of the net results
    net_initLobbyServiceToLan = 1 ; In multiplayer it will create LAN lobbies
    sv_lanonly = 1 ; this will enable to launch LAN only on the server
    sv_servername = “LAN” ; Which represents the server name
    sv_gs_report = 0 ; This will not allow to report to the gamespy
    sv_gs_trackstats = 0 ; this will disable sending the statistics to gamespy
    sv_cheatprotection = 1
    s_SpeakerConfig = 2 ; where 2 represents the stereo configuration
    s_FormatType = 3 ; 24 bit sample rate sound
    cl_fov = 75
    pl_movement.power_sprint_targetFov = 65 ; This will increase the field of view while sprinting
    r_DrawNearFoV = 75
    cl_nickname = “NICKNAME” ; nickname for multiplayer
    i_mouse_smooth = 30 ; This will completely immobilize the mouse smoothing
    g_dlcPurchaseOverwrite = 1 ; This is a kind of cheat code to to unlock the content of DLC on a computer with no purchase
    g_ignoreDLCRequirements = 1 ; It is used to show the servers in your browser that runs on DLC you don’t acquire
    g_presaleUnlock = 0
    g_skipIntro = 1 ; This code will skip all the introductory movies g_useOnlineServiceForDedicated = 0 ; This represents the committed server in LAN mode
    e_TerrainDeformations = 1
    After this you are suggested to save all the modifications and then close your file. Now along with the new folder you are supposed to create a fresh new file which will again be a text document and name this new file as ‘user.cfg’ . Now open this notepad file and paste the following code:
    net_profile_enable= 1
    Now you can relax as the work is nearly done. Now the trick is to play the game on a fake LAN network called the tunngle. So you can download and install the tunngle application, after which you can join the shooter group then proceed to page three and then try to access any room of Crysis 2. After this start the game, by going to the main folder and then the Bin folder as per your system configuration, in which you will have a file called crysis 2 room, open this file and you will find yourself in the game, where in you can join a match or can even create it.

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    Re: Can Crysis 2 work on LAN mode

    This was the most expected FPS game I was waiting for and the good news is that the PC version of the Crysis 2 game is available on some of the torrent sites. I have played this game on my xbox, and it was quite good, with cool graphics, the strategy of the game was a bit predictable. This game appeared to be slow, but cannot say anything as this is just a beta game. The technicalities are tricky at first instance but can get use to it later on in the game.

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    Re: Can Crysis 2 work on LAN mode

    I think you should know that this is just a beta version and not a demo version. I could not download the game as I was using a WiFi. And I have heard from my friends that this is a game similar to the Call of Duty. The only difference that I find is the engine and the nanosuit. It almost has the same controls with identical weapons, and my friends were not too satisfied with the game. It seems that Crytek which is the developer, has only revealed the full beta version solely for a platform like the Xbox 360.

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    Re: Can Crysis 2 work on LAN mode

    The genuine attraction of this game called Crysis 2 is the nanosuit. Whether you are able to recognize with Crysis or not, you will soon come to the understanding that studying the details of the suit is very in this game . All prepared with a cloak and the sturdy armor, along with the nanosuit. You can hide yourself by getting invisible or put up a strong self-protective shield. When you are in the multiplayer mode, the game has a lively feel, and you get thrilled to play the game.

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    Re: Can Crysis 2 work on LAN mode

    I like the capabilities of cloaking along with tracking and that you are supposed to continuously look around your shoulders for the unseen enemy who has an intention of pulling you down. The ability of the armor, is not that striking. This can give you strength to get additional hits in case of a gunfight, and I think it is in proportion with the mode cloaking. You can make use of the pushes of the player to get hold of the armor, cloaking, and even the consumption of energy. I am quite satisfied with the beta version and looking forward to play the PC version of the game.

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    Re: Can Crysis 2 work on LAN mode

    I am sure that the game of Crysis 2 will have an entire group of unlocks and levels in multiplayer mode. There are many unlockables in the beta version. One thing I like about the Crysis 2is that you can use the tags to customize your characters as you proceed with the game in multiplayer mode. After you are done with each round of the multiplayer you can gain points on the way you have played the game. If you use stealth then you gain will be gained in that particular group of the XP. You can even navigate through a variety of terrains.

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