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Thread: Mission Rollbacks in Mafia Wars

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    Mission Rollbacks in Mafia Wars

    For Part 2 of the mission of love Hank and Fanny has 3 harvest 30 pink roses. I completed this mission three times and went on to the next part of the mission, but the problem is that whenever I leave the game and again tells me that still needs two harvest 20 pink roses. I am also having the same problem with the rear and mission bess 2. I know I'm not the only one with this problem as the error reporting section is full of people complaining. Does anyone know of any way to prevent this from happening?

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    Re: Mission Rollbacks in Mafia Wars

    They say each game has its own team so that shouldn't matter. I've done the same thing with the roses. Apparently, things that you are supposed to have like from a collection or getting from your friends will stay when you switch romances but harvests don't. That's where I was having trouble until they put both romances on my front page at the same time.

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    Re: Mission Rollbacks in Mafia Wars

    No matter. I have only one romance LEFT. Cannot be changed. I had picked the rose for the third time and was waiting for support to address the fact that the 5 that takes a beating was restarted. When I returned to the game had restarted roses too. No change romances, because I cannot. I finished the other two. It is NOT to keep the file correctly in the harvest of all. I'm so hitting the roses wither protected and not touch until they fix my teddy beat him up. So I'm doing both, because I have the object tracking mission established. I have the next meeting crop wither in protecting the hopes of Part 5 of the search for the damned. I just want to finish this sequence of missions now. It was fun to start, but this constant restarting is driving me crazy.

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    Re: Mission Rollbacks in Mafia Wars

    It's pretty sad that these missions come out, turn out to be very buggy. Everyone’s progress rolls back and we lose all that time we played. No answers from Zynga. No response from customer service. I guess I didn't want to believe it was all about making money selling horse shoes. I think we all hoped it was about having a popular, well developed, fun game. As with the way of the Easter bunny, Santa and the tooth fairy we all come to terms eventually

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    Re: Mission Rollbacks in Mafia Wars

    Well, I've been stuck on the issue reversal for three months now; I lost all of the holiday missions and missions of time and now on top of that. I'm back in a way to get my husband and children (who have gone) on my farm. I have been in constant contact with the support just to be sure that it would set up four weeks ago, and then suspiciously stop answering emails. Once again I'm in the mission of UH Valentine, because my husband has disappeared and cannot do without it. When you go to get around to fixing my game Zynga?

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    Re: Mission Rollbacks in Mafia Wars

    Just today I've started to experience rollbacks. Only it's not just mission statuses. Anything I'm doing in game is not saving and the next time I enter the game it's as if I was never on. And yes I know the drill. All my flash is updated. Cache is consistently clean as I run C-Cleaner on a regular basis as well as numerous other programs to keep my PC in tip top shape. Which browser I'm using isn't an issue since I've tried using multiple browsers with the same result.

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