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Thread: Mafia Wars: Def mafia strength

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    Mafia Wars: Def mafia strength

    Why is it so hard to get that stat up? Any tips on how to improve it? My def is almost 1500 point below my attack. My personal attack or defense is even. I fight somewhat, not that often, I have been putting most of my skill points into attack or defense but realized that has no effect on mafia att/def so that means most of the loot drops are attack heavy. Please anyone have any idea or any tips for this than provide me.

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    Re: Mafia Wars: Def mafia strength

    This is the case for most people and has been for the two years I've been playing. And honestly, I think deliberately creates statistics Zynga element to be the case. Maybe they want to give the slight advantage for the active player (attacker) because it provides positive reinforcement to continue the game. 139K and 138K I attack defense. That's the closest I've been in a long time. Especially since I'm spending my VC on the two top defense issues.

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    Re: Mafia Wars: Def mafia strength

    Skill point’s matter a whole lot more than your loot, so keep adding there. Higher attack will not affect what drops from jobs and fights. I use victory coins to buy sprint gleaves. You can also buy other items like the glance in fight club if you like to balance things out. And my friend is only about 2000 points different, but I'm only at about 121K and change attack and 119k and change for defense. Working on getting those up, but I've only just become a decent fighter (In terms of amount I fight) in the past few weeks. I was a robber before that, as it's faster.

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    Re: Mafia Wars: Def mafia strength

    My build is 10K stam and can level with either epack or MB stam bonus, so last 12 days I went through like 50K stam a day and just today maxed on FHEL4. Also had enough VCs saved to max on Splinters (still 160 Glances short)? So have DEF almost up to max (150*5 more to come from the cars). But as two top attack loots come from R8 jobs, this would be impossible for me to get (I currently have 2 gun and 1 birds) and with stam used to get VCs there is no plans to use to farm on R8 stam jobs either, so I will stay pretty much as I am for some time.

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    Re: Mafia Wars: Def mafia strength

    My attack used in 3000 over my defense. But as it stands today, are only 30 higher. The gap has narrowed significantly. You do not need more than 130,000 in attack and defense items have no value. Skill Points account! Try to get the skills of 10000 and 10000 attack defense skills without spending. I never spent a penny and only 11 000 have combined skills that will not help against wasteful of platinum and diamonds (the players are wrong)

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