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Thread: How to get people off your crew who are not helping in cafe world

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    How to get people off your crew who are not helping in cafe world

    I have been playing this game Zynga Café world from almost a year or so. I did most all the cooking for them and all they need to do is ask for items to finish yet 5 days later they have NOT. Therefore causing me not being able to help others or start another order, extremely frustrating. Also could be the fact like what’s going on most of the time is not showing what they need or what order they are working on.

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    Re: How to get people off your crew who are not helping in cafe world

    I also have 2 neighbors with the anniversary catering, all the cooking is done, just need to ask for items. They have their own reasons for not completing it. One is playing only once a day, another one doesn't seem to play anymore. I am a crew for one of them. YES, you can join or start on another catering order. You can be a crew for many catering orders. Even if it’s a different order. To see what they need, go to "Help Your Friend" tab then "You're Helping With" tab. If you can't see it, maybe you have glitches.

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    Re: How to get people off your crew who are not helping in cafe world

    I'm having same problem which has now resulted in me missing the first two time scales! By the time I finish the Dinner party which involved 180 shrimps, let alone 72 Eggs which take 18hrs each to cook.... I will receive a few game points for all my efforts, not one has been cooked by anyone in the team / crew! GUTTED!!!!! Why can't we sack and re-request new friends to help out!!! ? They are massive orders!!! Especially on your own!! The people who accepted my requests for help first must be working on different orders to me?? Yet every time I finish an item I get a pop up saying thank you for helping 2 others!! Gutted that these others I am helping can’t help me back!! PLEASE ADD A WAY FOR US TO SACK HELPERS LIKE WE CAN WAITERS!!! SO WE CAN MEET THE TIMESCALES!!!! OTHERWISE THE REWARDS AFTER 7 DAYS ARE NOT WORTH ALL THE EFFORTS!!!

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    Re: How to get people off your crew who are not helping in cafe world

    The last event, with only 7 on the crew. I had two deadbeats that had been deadbeats on the prior event as well. But on the earlier one I could carry two with 19 of the 21 team members working. So, what did I do?
    1. I deleted those two as neighbors on Cafe World and any other games.
    2. I deleted them from my Facebook friend list and blocked them.
    3. I canceled the event
    4. I started the event over.
    It's the only way to ensure they don't sabotage your next event.

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    Re: How to get people off your crew who are not helping in cafe world

    Wow, okay, guys, let us do a bit of a reality check here. I know I help where I can and when I can. I also know that once I've helped these same people do not pause to make sure my own orders are completed. If I'm on a catering order I'll add anyone and everyone that is on the same order so that my numbers will help with theirs. Once my order is completed should I then stop all I'm doing just to help finish up their own numbers? If I did that I would still be on the Anniversary Catering Order. I'm currently waiting for enough interest to show back up in order to re-attempt Sunday Brunch as it is. The new orders coming out meant no one was interested in helping me catch up. so when you start thinking about deleting neighbors you might want to touch base with them first. There could be a really good reason they did not participate to the level you wanted.

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