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Thread: Daily Bonus Issue in Cafe World

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    Daily Bonus Issue in Cafe World

    When the window Daily Bonus initiated, it was given to me to play one day, but the counter Constant Cook (in the window of the coin) shows that I have been cooking for 6 days, does not match these counters? Anyone else has the same issue or anybody have any solution for this? Please if anyone have any solution for this or any useful information regarding Daily Bonus in Cafe World, than please without fail provide to me.

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    Re: Daily Bonus Issue in Cafe World

    I as well have a problem with the daily bonus window but it's quite different. My issue isn't that the window doesn't pop up or reward me but that after I close it pops up repeatedly. It only takes a couple seconds for the window to reappear after closing it and it's never enough time to do anything else. Sometimes the re-pop-ups happen for such a long time that the only way I can get them to stop so I can do other things (like serve my dishes which are about to expire, etc.) is leave the app and come back in. It's frustrating and irritating and just all around annoying. I've not seen anything thus far in the technical bug’s forum so I thought I was the only one having this issue, but I'm not. At least one other person has this same issue and posted in the suggestions forum, which I'm sure gets ignored by Zynga staff. Hopefully by me posting this here and bringing attention to this issue, other people will also speak up if they are experiencing this issue as well and it can get fixed.

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    Re: Daily Bonus Issue in Cafe World

    No, you're not alone and it makes me mad! Especially if the "bonus" was delivered yet another five pounds for a stove with lightning, I'm not building! I have a stove with current books, but nothing finished. I do not really need another pan, but I prefer bonuses everyday cooking skip past the gift, because it is not giving me what I needed, as "wise rescue" (when I have a friend on guard Un-Spoil.

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    Re: Daily Bonus Issue in Cafe World

    The Daily Bonus at Cafe world has been improved and better than ever! Now you can cook up any number of days! The additional days in a row as you play, the more your prize will be! To assert your bonus day, all you have to perform is begin cooking. One time you've completed planning a dish, you will be provoked to claim your bonus day. Every day in a row you roast a fresh dish, it will add up towards your whole number of days cooked. Here is a list of what you can earn during the first 7 days:
    1. Day 1: 1060 Coffee Corner
    2. Day 2: Mystery Antenna
    3. Day 3: Flat Mystery
    4. Day 4: Spice Premium
    5. Day 5: Premium Spice
    6. Day 6: Part Stove Lightning
    7. Day 7: 3 Coffee cash

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    Re: Daily Bonus Issue in Cafe World

    Some things to remember when working more bonuses:
    1. You have to prepare a new dish each day. So be certain to come back each day to prepare something!
    2. Baking dish as long-term home-style pot roast which has a cooking time of two days will not be measured as two consecutive days.
    3. You can get your daily bonuses each day! You do not have to stay to start getting your rewards, so be sure to ask while you are asked to!

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