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Thread: Full Detail about Calves in Farmville

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    Full Detail about Calves in Farmville

    Calves : On December 12, 2009, the baby calf was introduced to Farmville. These are very profitable animals.

    Types of Calves : There are four types of calves. There's the Alien calf, the regular calf, the pink calf, and the brown calf.

    How to Get Calves : When a user puts a bull in their dairy farm, there is a 50% chance that it will mate with another cow and make a calf when harvested. Note that there is a limit of 1 bull per dairy farm.

    In this farm, either a regular calf, pink calf, or a brown calf can be produced.

    If the Farmer is very lucky enough to get a baby calf, they can post it to on wall for friends to adopt.The calf can be adopted by clicking on the picture of the calf or the "Adopt the _______ Calf!" post in the corner of the post. When a user has adopted a calf, no other users can adopt the same one. To place the calf on a farm, open the gift box, find the calf, and click use. Note that calfs cannot be placed in dairy farms.

    Benefits : The calf takes one day to harvest for an incredible 80 coins and sells for a whopping 120 coins. It is the most profitable animal in the game, surpassing the recently released Golden Chicken. They will never grow up to be a cow or a bull.

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    Re: Full Detail about Calves in Farmville

    I have read posts about chicken coops and moving the chickens in and out, putting a "ripe" chicken in first each time to increase the chance of mystery eggs. Does that work with the dairy farm? If I remove all the cows and the bull after harvesting, put in another "ripe" bull and then put in all the cows? So far I've only gotten one calf in my first harvest of my dairy farm.

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    Re: Full Detail about Calves in Farmville

    We need a calf barn to put all the calves in, and then harvest them all at once. They have the dairy barn to put the cows in and harvest the milk all at once, why not a calf barn, and a bull stable to harvest all the bulls at once also. I have about 40 calves, and about 20 bulls, and clicking and waiting on the pop up box, then clicking the brush hair, then waiting on it, takes too much time for that many animals.

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    Re: Full Detail about Calves in Farmville

    Also with increased storage space if you are lucky enough to expand your barns (Some of us can't - either due to bugs or to uncaring neighbors - or neighbors who don't even try to help anymore because of the bugs) you can convert them into cows and put them again into the barn. To be worthwhile coin-wise you have to convert pink and green calves but beware that if you put the chocolate cow into the barn it will produce chocolate calves for your neighbors, so eventually there will be no more pink/green calves on the feed. Ergo - Keep the pink/green cows in the barn to create pink/green calves. Keep the pink/green calves in the barn to create chocolate cows to fill the rest of the barn space or to roam free.

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