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Thread: Is Magicka available for Mac OS

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    Is Magicka available for Mac OS

    I am looking out for the Magicka game on my system. I mean to say that I am using the apple laptop and which is having the Mac OS which is nothing but the operating system. Now the thing here is that I am not sure whether the same game is available for my system. I have seen people playing the game on the windows based operating system but really not sure whether it is available for the Mac OS. So please help me in this case and then let me know whether the game will be played on my system and let me now the proper information on the game as well as the working so that I can have it on my system.

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    Re: Is Magicka available for Mac OS

    If you will ask me then I don’t think that the Magicka is available for the operating system which you are using. Well the thing here is that if you are looking out for this game on your system then it is highly impossible. Because the situation regarding this game it uses XNA from Microsoft, and it seems to me that it is not available for the system that you are using. Now what you have to do here is that just try and see whether using any different platform other then Mac helps you out or not.

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    Re: Is Magicka available for Mac OS

    Actually the thing is that you have to download the updated version of the game and then see whether you are able to install the game on your system. The first thing that I want to tell you that I havenít tried the same game on any Mac OS but still I feel that there is the crack for the same. So what I was saying that try and visit the official site and then download the Magicka 2011 MULTi4 RePack and I am sure that once this pack is installed on the system then you will definitely able to solve the issue.

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    Re: Is Magicka available for Mac OS

    I am using this game on my Mac OS system from last few days and mind you it is really doing well for me I hope that installing the same on your will help you also. In Magicka, up to four players take on a great adventure to save his world from destruction spells by a fully dynamic system. The adventure mode has the players through three different levels, ranging from the lush forests of the mountain valleys to the halls of frozen king of the mountain where ingenuity and creative thinking are the keys to victory. In hardcore mode unlockable challenge players to fight against waves of enemies to gain their place in the table of local leaders and online.

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