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Thread: How to breed Kelly Green cows/Pink Patch cows in Farmville

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    How to breed Kelly Green cows/Pink Patch cows in Farmville

    Hello farmers! I will be giving you some information on how to breed the Pink Patch cows and Kelly Green cows the best way possible.

    Now... let's get started....

    • First of all you all should give attention and you should love your pets. Just because they are a bunch of pixels, they are still lovable. Be sure to take the cow out of their dairy farm and pet them about 5 times a day. Afterward, return them to their dairy farm.

    • Now you should be having a bull. Almost each and every Farmer does this mistake, not to keep a single bull. To produce calves, you require a bull in the stable. REMEMBER: ONLY ONE BULL PER DAIRY FARM.

    • Also make sure there are at least 2 - 3 cows, since they do have to be bought with Farm Cash, there will be still a chance. Just make sure you have the following...

    1 BULL | 2-3 exclusive cows | Normal cow
    1 BULL | 4 - 5 exclusive cows | 2 Normal Cows
    1 BULL | 6 - 8 exclusive cows | 4 normal cows
    If you have any more from 10 onwards, just take 4 off it and make that the amount of normal cows.

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    re: How to breed Kelly Green cows/Pink Patch cows in Farmville

    Of course, the OP is pulling your leg with the petting requirement.

    All it says is this:
    1) you increase your chance of producing a calf by putting more cows in a dairy farm, but one cow and one bull is the minimum content; you will get the same color calf as the cow, but quite rarely.
    2) To get the color of the calf you want, the number of the desired color cows must be larger than any other color, preferably by 2 or more. There is still a chance you'll get the other "lesser color" calf anyway, since this is based on the color distribution and randomness.

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    re: How to breed Kelly Green cows/Pink Patch cows in Farmville

    Ok, so I’ve been trying to breed my neo cows for months. I have three of them in a barn with a bull. I added after a while a Tuscan, and a Kelley, and later a red. So now six. Since they are all technically "exclusives" do I now need to add 4 "normal" cows? Normal being the most basic, brown or plain cows, not the Holsteins or chocolates. The DF has only given me manure so far, rather ungrateful of the bull if you ask me, having offered it so many choice cows IMO. Do I have to have special cows to be able to breed any calf at all? I've had a bull and a full complement of cows in the dairy barn for quite a while now and have not gotten anything when I collect.

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    re: How to breed Kelly Green cows/Pink Patch cows in Farmville

    First of all thank you very much to post this kind of solution. And for arjun rantu, it's totally random, I have two DFs and sometimes, I don't even get a calf a day. You just got to be patient. Only downside is whatever you find you can't even keep... Isn't it always "Finders Keepers, Losers Weepers?" If you find a calf on YOUR farm, you should be able to keep it. I have been playing this game from very long time, so now I keep all kinds of things which are available for me.

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