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Thread: How much money you spent for Mafia Wars

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    How much money you spent for Mafia Wars

    How much money? Apart from the basic electricity bill and internet bill, I haven't spent a cent on RP. To me it's an issue of simple economics - Why pay for RP when you can get them for free. Granted it's harder to get them now but still. New York: Finished. Cuba: Finished. Moscow: Finished. Bangkok: Finished. Las Vegas: Finished. Atlantic: Finished. Italy: 7/8. Collections: NY 17/17 | Cuba 6/6 | Moscow 6/6 | Bangkok 6/6 | Special Events: 8/18. My Achievements (125/122). Limited Time Cities: 6/6. Fight Challenge: 3/3. Limited Time Job: 11/11. Loot Events Mastery Items: 3/3.

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    Re: How much money you spent for Mafia Wars

    Oh come on I know all of you don't even pay a penny to this game but actually you pay a lot to this game, thousand hours of play can mean more cellular bills, electricity bills, internet bills, maybe you got a headache, eye ache because of overplay and this mean another medical service bills, losing of business opportunity that means hundred of dollar fly away, tell your story this will be fun.

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    Re: How much money you spent for Mafia Wars

    On the game itself, on LP's? Nothing, apart from the free credits FB gave out. A decision vindicated last night when on the fight list. I took on someone with a 501 mafia and whipped them on all stats aside from the fact I was 200 short on the mafia front. This guy had diamond level loyalty. How did I know? In his best defense he had a weapon (I forget the name, not a Harbinger though) that had just shy 200 attack/defense with a Platinum tag in the bottom corner of the graphic.

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    Re: How much money you spent for Mafia Wars

    Well, not surprised to see that most of the players who responded play for free... This subject remains highly taboo in MW....And Zynga knows it well because in the game, you are able to hide your loyalty status....But the fact is that a lot of people are spending more than $100 a month in this game, some others even more than $250. And some players already have spend more than ten thousand of dollars.... This game is a gold mine for Zynga. Just check the people you attack on the fight list... More and more have this golden riffle and days after days you see more and more little dog defensive weapon... This is a new trend in MW, something you would have not seen a few months ago: more and more people in the 600-900 level range have more than 8000 skills combined in A/D.I spent myself $10 when I was a noob to buy those polar bear and Kodiak when they were on sale... Used them for a few months in a time where loots were not obsolete a few weeks later... Never spent again and will never in the future because I still win 95% of the fight I initiate on the fight list, regardless of levels. So why spend some hard earned money to raise it to what? 96% 97% No matter how much you spend a month, another guy will spend $10 more and you will still loose fights....Anyway, everybody spend his money the way he wants and I respect that. I can't beat most platinum (fortunately, I would say) but hey, at least those guys allow us to play this game for free... And we have a great satisfaction when we can beat some of them, something you will never have when you buy your skill points. In fact, the game would be boring for me that way...Remember, that everybody can be strong in that game, it just requires money... Even the dumbest could do it... On the contrary, being strong without spending money requires strategy and dedication....

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    Re: How much money you spent for Mafia Wars

    I spend thousands and thousands of dollars. When I started this game about 2 years ago I didnít knew much about Mafia, so I bought the Godfather movies. I realized that my VHS system was not up to date anymore, it seemed too turned into DVD nowadays, so I had to buy a DVD player as well, too bad my black and white TV couldnít handle it so I had to buy a new TV as well. I came home and started to hook it all up and watched the movies, I got sucked into it and watched them over and over and over.
    My boss didnít like that so he fired me instantly. When my wife heard why I was fired she left right away and took half my stuff (thank god I could save the Godfather movies). I got in a lawsuit to settle the divorce (damn lawyers are not cheap; maybe Z should create a "Kick the Lawyer" event). After the divorce I finally could play this game (remember that this all happened before I actually started to play). I saw that my PC was a bit out of date and slow, so I robbed a liquor store and bought myself a new PC, course I was caught on camera and did some time, when I was out I finally could make it to the shark tank. First I got smashed around and I decided I needed to get a better fighter, I went to the pawnshop and bought a couple of guns (still had some stuff from my ex-wife witch I traded in for this) My neighbors didnít liked it that I was shooting guns in the backyard to practice, so I had to kill them and that put me back in jail again. Inside I managed to bribe the guards and smuggled a laptop inside so i could keep on playing Mafia Wars. Other in-mates liked that game too so we formed a Clan and got into some big wars, off course you need big attack and defense for this so we started a smuggling buzz inside, earning some cash from Non MW players. The warden found out about it and we had to bribe him as well, but he got greedy and you know what happens to greedy people right? You whack him. Right now Iím out on probation and had to start all over again ( kind of like a rollback in MW ) Iím mugging old people for cash, steel kids lunch money, jack some cars and slowly building up my empire again. I have no idea about how much i really spend the TV, DVD, layers, bribe money, the guns, settlement money but i know its thousands and thousands of dollars.

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    Re: How much money you spent for Mafia Wars

    In the last few months i have spent around $600. But i normally wouldn't spend that much as i ran into some extra money. But the truth is this is a form of entrainment and worth around $25 a month if i had to put a number on it. But it all depends how much you enjoy and play the game. It is cheaper than going out to the movies for 2 hours and i have fun all month. I will never again spend money on the market place items because they will be obsolete in a month. Everything I spend goes into Att/Def.

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