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Thread: Farmville : Making Changes to Reuniting the Lamb Promo

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    Farmville : Making Changes to Reuniting the Lamb Promo

    I have been playing this game Facebook Zynga Farmville from more than 9 months or so. Everyone has a choice I still don't understand all the fuss either you do it or not either you pay for it or not nothing is forced or required for those who choose not to do it. Consider a lot of people chose not to buy Farmville cash these people don't get the special stuff itís the same thing with this don't pay don't do don't get deal with it.

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    Re: Farmville : Making Changes to Reuniting the Lamb Promo

    I kind of see what they are doing though. Don't jump on me because I'm not saying I agree with it. Players have been asking for animals for coin (which is free) for awhile. They decided OK we will give u your free animals but u has to jump through our hoops to get it. This is not what players had in mind but hey they can get free animals from it. With all this game play against fb's TOS I'm wondering if they r trying to force a break in their contract. I donít know how they r thinking with this but it kind of makes sense.

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    Re: Farmville : Making Changes to Reuniting the Lamb Promo

    Exactly! The biggest and main complaint was about the spamming of non-playing friends, not so much about getting the sheep and lamb right away (even thought that was one of the complaints). And in this announcement they did not even mention the spamming, just getting the animals. That is why I am wondering when she said "changes" and "adjustments" (both plural) if the issue of the spamming will be changed as well?

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    Re: Farmville : Making Changes to Reuniting the Lamb Promo

    Well, they may be fixing to spam so that it only recruits 5 new actual people not businesses, organizations or celebrity fan pages. One of my neighbors is currently trying to figure out how to ask Target if they'd like to sign up for FV so he can get a virtual lamb and a sheep. Another will become a celebrity's bests ever fan (and send watering cans daily) if only he will stop touring right now just to join FV. At least some of my neighbors and I are getting some joy out of the list. None of us are doing it (out of principle) but a few of us have been insert messaging about how the request should look.

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    Re: Farmville : Making Changes to Reuniting the Lamb Promo

    I know the requests for your friends are a hot subject for some. I will fully acknowledge that there are players of Farmville who are not interested in asking more people to play for a feature in the game. I'll also grant that there are players in the game who are not interested in paying Farm Cash for the animals. Those two points noted, I would like everyone to consider that neither request is especially new. We have had many features that encourage you to ask your friends to play our game in order to complete the feature and share in the fun. We also have a good number of animals, buildings, and decorations in the Marketplace right now that can only be obtained for Farm Cash. With this sheep and lamb, there are two ways to get them. I know that there are people who find both method attractive, and I empathize with your desire to have everything we can offer via your most preferred means, but I'm very happy that we have two distinct ways for you to go after these animals and not just one. This isn't to dismiss the feedback of players who wish for a third option more suited to their individual needs; but we do what we can to ensure that anyone who plays Farmville has a host of fun options to pick and choose from. I think we do a pretty good job. I won't ever claim perfection, I'm not crazy - but Farmville is still my happy place and I hope it's yours too!

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