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Thread: Stop Clicking on Farmville OK Button

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    Stop Clicking on Farmville OK Button

    The new rumor runs along the lines of "Stop clicking the OK button because then no one else can get the gift". I've also seen (this is a copy/paste) "gone again stop pushing the OK button and go back home instead the gift will be in your box 10 people can get this."I'm wondering how much of this is true. Does pressing the OK button "end the event"? Or is this similar to the animal adoptions where there is a random number of shareable items and when itís done its done? My hunch is that it's just random, and there's no connection to the OK button. I hope itís not too much to ask but if there could be an official response, then if it is as I think it is, I can just post the URL to that response so people can be more aware. And if this was covered in a different thread and I missed it, please forgive me. I did look before I posted.

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    Re: Stop Clicking on Farmville OK Button

    I am so happy you have already post this, so I donít have too. I am so sick of seeing people put this up, people are always getting mad at me a leaving me crappy notes and things. I know some are random numbers and some are set numbers, I do believe I remember Lexis saying something in one of the podcast about the number of people that can get gifts after you post a collection, but instead of me giving out FALSE INFO like the millions who keep repost this BS about not clicking okay, I will wait for an official answer, maybe Lexi can say something about it in a podcast for us so people will stop with this craziness.

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    Re: Stop Clicking on Farmville OK Button

    The only reason the rumor about clicking OK is flying around so fast is because people don't know any better. Maybe a bunch of people can start sending the fact that is a bunch of BS if that is the case. I must say that I am one of the people who copied and pasted this and believed it because I had no reason not to. This is the very first time I've come to these forums and would have gone on believing it to be true if I hadn't seen this post questioning it. Many people out there don't read these forums or may not even know they really exist so give them a break. Not everyone has unlimited time or enough free time to go searching all over forums to learn everything, they learn as they go...

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    Re: Stop Clicking on Farmville OK Button

    I can confirm that when u post any eggs or collectibles that if your friends don't click OK & go back 2 home page or close out the tab that more people can get it. Not sure the exact amount of how many can collect from it though. I had a friend that just posted a golden egg & someone already collected from but I was still able 2 get something from it. The eggs I am thinking may be limited to 5 where I think the collectibles r 10. Hope this helps anyone out. Try it out for yourself & tell your friends. Happy Farming.

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    Re: Stop Clicking on Farmville OK Button

    It has nothing to do with clicking OK. There is a set limit to the number of rewards Zynga allows for each item. Eggs have always been 5. Animals were 8 (I don't know if they still are). I don't know about collectibles. I have clicked on OK and had other people follow behind me (such as my daughter...using the same computer as I do) and been able to collect on the same egg, animal, what-have-you. I have reached 55th level with Ribbons: 99 of 112 and 18 Mastered Crops.

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    Re: Stop Clicking on Farmville OK Button

    You couldn't confirm that even with 100 friends on line at the same time. You're talking total and utter nonsense. The amount of any item that can be collected is often variable. So, in some cases friends will get 2 and in others 5, 6 or even known 7. As this varies from item to item you cannot compare two different items. You'd have to run your test on the exact same item and that's impossible as once it's been claimed once you can't test a different scenario. Like has been said a thousand times already... clicking or not the OK button makes NO DIFFERENCE.

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