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Thread: Require list of Most Popular Games of Facebook

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    Require list of Most Popular Games of Facebook

    I require some new games or I can say some famous and popular game list in Facebook. I require this thing because I am just board to playing old games. Therefore I need some new and popular games, which everyone plays. I already search many games and I get them, but require some more games. If anyone has any collection or any game list than please send me or provide me by posting on this thread.

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    Re: Require list of Most Popular Games of Facebook

    To play any of these games scheduled below, you will need to register for a free account on Facebook (if you do not have one)! It is as well essential to know that all games on Facebook are based on Adobe Flash. Therefore, you must have installed on your computer to run all these games!
    1. Tetris Battle
    2. Mafia Wars
    3. Ninja Warz
    4. Dream World
    5. Restaurant City
    6. YoVille
    7. Farmville
    8. PetVille
    9. Tiki Resort
    10. Pool Master
    11. Chess
    12. Car Town

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    Re: Require list of Most Popular Games of Facebook

    I remember when I first installed the Mafia Wars ... I was so upset. A year later I went again to see the great graphics and an excellent system, with fewer errors than any other game around the Facebook. Now I use my money Paysafecard (prepaid card for secure online shopping) for more reward points and progress faster. Mafia Wars is the only game I play there now.

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    Re: Require list of Most Popular Games of Facebook

    Facebook is the most popular social network now available online! Millions of users around the world use this service to connect to your family, friends or others you know! But in fact, Facebook is more than "just" meeting with old friends and family! On the basis of available data have many applications and games you can play and use for free! Enjoy!

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    Re: Require list of Most Popular Games of Facebook

    1. Texas Hold’em Poker- On of the most admired generally Facebook games. Permits you to play Texas Hold’em poker with your Facebook friends and further real humans!
    2. Word Challenge – Word Challenge by Playfish is the addictive novel word game featuring bright animations, 50,000+ words, 30 vocabulary types.
    3. Who has the Bigger Brain- Think you are elegant? Play this very addictive brain training game to prove it!
    4. Mob Wars- A marathon game of Mafia warfare, played on Facebook.
    5. Tower Bloxx- Very addictive and cool flash based game
    6. Pet Society- In the world of Pet Society you and your pet can have an immense time! You can play games, beautify your home and even carry gifts for your friends while you visit them.
    7. YoVille- YoVille is a world where you can purchase novel clothes for your player, buy items for your residence, go to job, and meet novel friends.
    8. Bowling Buddies- Go bowling with your friends! Featuring modish 3D graphics, simple controls, lots of achievements, customized characters and many more!
    9. Crazy Taxi- Drive your taxi as rapid as feasible when jumping over the traffic!

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    Re: Require list of Most Popular Games of Facebook

    1. Farmville: Behind Cityville 57.6 million active users monthly, monthly growth has been steady since early December. Every day, however, has been an up and down the battle from the beginning of the month. On December 9, Farmville reached 17.3 million active users a day, but active users and then daily was reduced to 16.3 million on 12 December. At December 15, Farmville was up to 18 million active users a day, however, declined again to 17 million active users a day on 21 December.
    2. FrontierVille: Is the just game on our list with the first five issues of declining growth. FrontierVille, with 30.4 million monthly active users, is currently declining by 79,000 users daily and weekly decline of 669,000 users, according to All Facebook. This decrease in growth could be the rapid growth of Cityville users or due to a FrontierVille load in the middle of the month.
    3. Zynga Mafia Wars: Game, held steady in fifth place, is 19.3 million monthly active users. As talked by Social Times, Zynga proclaimed their first partnership of music in the game with Dr. Dre for Mafia Wars. However, this statement had no noteworthy effect on daily active users on Mafia Wars

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