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Thread: FrontierVille : Kid Missions are same?

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    FrontierVille : Kid Missions are same?

    I really love to play FrontierVille on Facebook. Well I have recently started to play latest Kid Mission on FrontierVille. Well I want to know whether all the quest requirement for this mission are same or not. Currently at fist part of 3rd kid and I really donít remember whether requirements was same as 2nd kid one or not. Can anyone tell me the requirement for this particular mission? Any idea suggested will be highly appreciated. Thanks a lot in advance.

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    Re: FrontierVille : Kid Missions are same?

    I have finished this particular mission and I have found that in each and every set of mission for every kid is different from each other. I have also discovered that they consistently becoming annoying as they are pop up. Finally general stores become available on today morning. It loaded lots of fun in this particular game. However I have found that this game becomes sometime impossible to complete.

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    Re: FrontierVille : Kid Missions are same?

    I know itís very difficult to finish this game but somehow I have completed this game. Do you getting baby in a kind of cradle on your frontier? If your answer is yes then simply click on it. Also let me know whether you are looking for fist kid or second one. Well for second kid you will find baby buggy in your inventory. You have to baby buggy take along at your homestead. After you will get quest for the third kid in this particular mission.

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    Re: FrontierVille : Kid Missions are same?

    Well in this particular mission I am having original kid and also two more kids. I supposed to have 6 kids. However I have not got any new mission after fourth kid. Well I am not having General Store till date. However my many friends are having General store. I think there is lots of begging for the particular building supplies. Also shelves and bins are wrapped into plastics.

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    Re: FrontierVille : Kid Missions are same?

    Well I am having trees and two sawmills so there should be no associated with the requirements of Wood. I have also build 3 cribs. However I am not having enough cloths hence I have prevented the blasting varmints and caught them. I am waiting till reach to 350 cloths.
    Well each baby in this particular mission will require following things.
    • 20 baby name books
    • 250 cloth
    • 3 cribs
    • 600 wood
    • 2 old books
    • 2 red buttons
    • 3 lunches
    • 3 pear candies
    • accept help from 5 neighbors
    • 1 swing set
    • 2 dinners

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