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Thread: Two worlds 2 error has occured while initializing direct3D

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    Two worlds 2 error has occured while initializing direct3D

    Iíve a hp pavilion dv7 laptop and Iím using windows 7 operating system and Iíve ATI Radeon Graphics card in my computer. Iíve also taken a internet connection in my laptop. Oneday while surfing on internet Iíve seen the preview of ďThe two worlds 2Ē games and I like it very much. Next day Iíve decided to bought this game, Iíve bought the dvd of this game and installed in my computer. When I start this game I got a error while initializing direct 3d. Iíve tried to start the game many times but nothing happen, I'm getting error again and again. I want to play this game in my computer but I canít. please tell me what should I do to start the game, please tell me some tips to fix this problem. please help me.

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    Re: Two worlds 2 error has occured while initializing direct3D

    I think youíre getting this error due to some graphic card problem, make sure that you have sufficient configuration of your graphic card. If you donít have a sufficient graphic card then you canít play this game in your system. see the back cover of your dvd youíll get the complete configuration of the system to play this game. If you have a sufficient configuration to play this game and then also youíre getting this problem, then run your system in safe mode and then try to play the game. If you still got a problem then you can reinstall the game.

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    Re: Two worlds 2 error has occured while initializing direct3D

    Make sure that you have installed a directx properly in your system. if you have not installed it, then you may get this type of problem. if youíre sure that you have installed a directx and you still getting this problem then check the compatibility of the directx with your graphic card. If it is not compatible with your graphic card then install a directx which is compatible with your card. If this doesínt work for you then you can upgrade a driver of your graphic card. This problem also occurred due to graphic driver. You can upgrade your driver by visiting to a official website of your graphic card.

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    Re: Two worlds 2 error has occured while initializing direct3D

    You have not mention the error which youíre getting while initializing direct3d. if you would mention the error then I could help you in a better way. Well, I think you have not installed your game properly and therefore youíre getting the error while initializing. If you have not installed a directx in your system then you can get this error. directx is in a different folder and you have to install that for running your game. It get installed when you run the setup, but if you have skip that step then you have to install it again. You can also reinstall your game and then check it, if it starting without giving any error then itís good. Try to do this, hope it works.

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