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Thread: What's Your Current Toy Count in Frontierville

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    What's Your Current Toy Count in Frontierville

    I have been playing this game (Frontierville) from many months. But after taking four hours to visit more than 62 neighbors I have a whopping total of 51... think I'm passing on most of the X-mas toys. the load time is just way too slow. Tried for one of the feed and waited 3 minutes for the screen to load. I just do not have enough time in the day to waste.

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    Re: What's Your Current Toy Count in Frontierville

    I had enough to get a Rudolph, Drummer Boy, and a Candy Cane Lamp and still have 79 gifts left so I'll be working on getting more and will decide if I want to make it past the Rudolph or go ahead and get some of the same that I already have. I got a lot of mine off the feed, visiting neighbors and tending to their peach trees ( I get 1 - 3 for 5 peach trees ) -- I tried debris and it doesn't seem to give to me as often as the peach trees do, and I sent quite a few out to my friends on their feed that are my neighbors ( before it decided to glitch out on me and just says "sending" and not actually doing anything.

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    Re: What's Your Current Toy Count in Frontierville

    I have more than 500 toys in Frontierville, but I don't like asking people who don't play either and they do not like it posted on their page, although other people can click it they still don't like being asked. And it uses all of your requests to help people and it says although you have run out your neighbor still gets there gift and THEY DON"T.

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    Re: What's Your Current Toy Count in Frontierville

    43 toys, wow - won’t let me ask friends for toys just non neighbors and personally tired of getting butt chewed for sending stuff to them when they do not play the game, takes so long for all to load and to many popup also that usually give up, this game is very frustrating and not enjoyable anymore -- I would of liked a Christmas tree and at least couple reindeer but oh well!

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    Re: What's Your Current Toy Count in Frontierville

    324! I first saw a toy drop when clearing rocks on unclaimed land yesterday. After that, I ignored mystery animals whenever I was on unclaimed land and cleared land when visiting neighbors. I got 85 toys before the toy factory appeared. I have 47 neighbors, including several newbie’s who need help clearing and several who left expansions as they were when they appeared.

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    Re: What's Your Current Toy Count in Frontierville

    I have got 60 and to the person that talks about dedication must not work or do anything else in their life. This is the worst way Zynga has come up with to get the bonuses yet. I like challenges but this is ridiculous. Put the dad burn gifts on the gift page. The problem is people have to see you post so it has nothing to do with how dedicated I am but how many people see the posts. Most of my friends play multiple Zynga games and there is NO WAY they are going to see all the posts. When I tried to resend the posts it would not let me. So that is why I said it is ridiculous.

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    Re: What's Your Current Toy Count in Frontierville

    I don't seem to be getting presents when I quick post they are not showing up on friends pages, only have 11 gifts total, have been working friends farms, and trying to collect off feed also what’s up? I got the mare but not sure how it showed up in my box, I have no presents to send out either maybe that part will come Christmas Eve.Hope that this will help you in your issue.

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