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Thread: burning xbox 360 games with img burn

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    burning xbox 360 games with img burn

    ok so im using img burn to burn my 360 games but everytime i try to burn one it doesnt turn out right and ive watched several youtube videos on how to use it. so does anyone know if you absolutely have to use verbatim dual layer discs? can i use any type of dual layer disc? at the moment im using memorex dvd+r. i really need help.

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    Re: burning xbox 360 games with img burn

    I will advise you to use the Verbatim MKM-001-00, Write Speed: 2.4x which will be better for you to burn the DVD. Actually 8x Verbatim is the new one and this is not supported by most of the older drive. So it is better to use the 2.4x to burn the DVD. Did you get any error while burning the DVD? If yes do let me know about the burning process log. I hope this will help you to sort out your issue.

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