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Thread: Sims 3: Running choppy and slow

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    Sims 3: Running choppy and slow

    I've had my computer for just over a year. My game The Sims has been perfectly well all this time until about a month ago. Suddenly in the last month from time to time during the game starts to run very slow and choppy, only about 30 seconds to a minute and then start playing again. This happens about once a day or something sim. It's very, very annoying and made it almost impossible play. I only has the basic game, no expansions, not all CC. My computer is fine, as far as I know. There are no viruses, there is nothing wrong with my computer, and as I said in the past year has been no problem at all, which has been great! I will add in DirectX Diagnostics, and I was asked to do this before, if anyone can help please all would be great. I'm trying to include as much information as possible now to make it easier, but I have all this week off work and really lost my game and I want to play! Oh, and this happens in every house in the 3 districts I have in my game. So it's not just a house. Ah, the sound and everything works normal during troubled times.

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    Re: Sims 3: Running choppy and slow

    I had the same problem with random delay every 30 seconds. I had no mods or content or DC, however I have the expansions. I ended up trying to mod over watch fixing to me. From what I read is mostly a bug with Late Night / A patch? I do not know if it would do the same for just the base game or not. I do not want to add a mod, but it was too impossible to play for me. Itís made a ton of difference and I had no problems since then. I have no idea if the same problems it was for me.

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    Re: Sims 3: Running choppy and slow

    Do not even bother trying to play more. It's been weeks since this started to happen again I stop playing for a while. I go crazy without my game though. I love this game and have invested heavily in it and want to play. Somebody please, at least we will know if they are working on doing something to solve this problem! If anyone will help me so that I can start playing my game because I donít want to just sit on my computer and playing some stupid games or just sit for hours an hourís surfing.

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    Re: Sims 3: Running choppy and slow

    I had the same problems, only since I installed Late Night too. By the looks of it we have the same analysis of what was happening when Apartment Life came out: lots of memory leaks that ruin the game. The sound on mine too is gone, that works well in the opening scenes, but as soon as you load a neighborhood that is the 'Sims 3 static "noise or TV / Computer loud jet until it resumes game and do it all again. I know this is not a problem specification, I can run all games on the market up and everything will be fine. I just want this fixed memory leaks; I paid for the game to be able to play without filling 1.2 GB of RAM in 10 minutes. Ah, sound problems and would be great to fix too.

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    Re: Sims 3: Running choppy and slow

    Hi all, this problem is usually caused by a Sim stuck somewhere you cannot leave (and they do not die and disappear!) Unless you want to go through the game looking for I suggest you restart the game in this way. While the game will edit city. Remove his family from their home (if the family that is currently playing) through the family leave. Ignore the warning of serious consequences for his family, the team just does not understand that do not enjoy the slow games Draggy! What it does is send back to the game settings, but before going to the game settings, place your family at home! You do not want to be lost forever in cyberspace! (I know I want to get lost in cyberspace, no!) Now select the option to return to the game settings and choose your family, or an extension of your family, etc. The game will reset everything and be like new again! (YEA! ) This work only if your team has played the game well at first! Good luck!.

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