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Thread: New Missions in FrontierVille what are they

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    New Missions in FrontierVille what are they

    Am playing FrontierVille since last two months and the game is really very wonderful and hence i would like to know are their any new missions in the game. I am stuck with the Thanksgiving treat mission. How to use this trick as soon as possible please help me in this matter have you ever played any such games. I would appreciate your help if you provide some tips regarding the Thanksgiving Treat.

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    Re: New Missions in FrontierVille what are they

    In the new missions of New Year FrontierVille we do all the preparations for the dinner and the arrival of Frontier's nephew Jack: There are five missions, and you must collect enough invitations for the party by January 14! In addition to these new missions is also introduced a new building to be built, the Dance Floor New Year. The new missions are:
    • PartyVille
    • Gettin 'Dolled Up
    • Welcome Party
    • Celebrate with a Bang
    • Kick it Off

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    Re: New Missions in FrontierVille what are they

    The two sets of thematic missions of Thanksgiving expire in 11 days from the time of this writing, so it should start collecting these materials quickly if they have a better chance to complete all of them. I hope they have been useful this guide FrontierVille on the second set of missions Thanksgiving. Do not forget to share with your friends by clicking the share button this way you can earn some medals.

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    Re: New Missions in FrontierVille what are they

    You will notice that Part II of Thanksgiving mission requires that we build the Thanksgiving table. This can be done by purchasing the frame on the market. We'll have to build the table by collecting the following materials: 4 luxury napkins, 4 silverware, 4 centers, 4 wooden chairs, 4 cups and 4 plates holiday parties, all the necessary elements to decorate any table respectable parties. These objects are obtained by posting requests on the Facebook wall, asking our friends who send us articles, as in most construction projects.

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    Re: New Missions in FrontierVille what are they

    By completing these courses, the Thanksgiving table in FrontierVille will expand and change in complexity, in addition to winning more than characters in the game to take a seat at the dinner table. After finishing the first year, Frontier will be accompanied by Fanny Jack Lince, the school teacher and so on adding more and more characters as we complete the various missions.

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