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Thread: Frontierville: How to get feast table collectibles

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    Frontierville: How to get feast table collectibles

    How can I get the collectibles from building the feast table? There are 3 new collections had come across such as the squash, Turkey and Thanksgiving. I'm thinking the collectibles would come for the Thanksgiving collection. But I've whacked 3 tables now and no collectibles. The Thanksgiving collection has Plymouth Rock, The Mayflower, Hand Made Turkey, Pilgrims Hat and Blunderbuss. Has anyone gotten any collectibles from whacking their feast table?

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    Re: Frontierville: How to get feast table collectibles

    First of all, consecutively to be able to build the FrontierVille Feast table, you will require buying it from the market for the ďhugeĒ cost of 9 Gold coins and 4 woods. Then you will require placing it on the homestead which is present inside the game. After you position it on your homestead and whack that minimum ten times, you will require 4 of every of the following new items to finish the Feast Table: Fancy Napkin, Silverware, Centerpiece, Wooden Chair, Festive Glass, Holiday Plate. You can obtain every items by requesting your friends: Fancy Napkin, Silverware along with showpiece by posting on the Facebook New feeds or even messaging them; Wooden Chair, Festive Glass and Holiday Plate by gifting straight requests to precise friends. As always, each time you send one item, you accept one item back.

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    Re: Frontierville: How to get feast table collectibles

    After completing the Feast Table you get the collectible as a reward, the interesting segment arrives: you require arranging the feast itself and asking your neighbors to join on your feast table! You require six various types of latest items, and you can obtain them every one from post on wall, selecting it as a reward for taking the help requests or by yielding the Feast Tables of your neighbors.
    • Cranberry Sauce as reward
    • Sweet Potatoes
    • Delicious Pie
    • Roast Turkey
    • Feast RSVPs
    • Serving Spoons

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    Re: Frontierville: How to get feast table collectibles

    You will need to keep in mind that you canít begin the Thanksgiving feast table in FrontierVille until the you have many neighbors as minimum you will require 20 neighbors to have a feast table if you donít have and start the feast and afterwards you are unable to accept the collectibles for the feast table, when most likely the neighbors that accepted your visit will be present for the feast. Zynga might modify the rewards for selling the Feast Table, so be convinced you check the comments on this page to make out if anyone announced that they didnít obtain the turkeys anymore.

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