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Thread: Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy Preview

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    Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy Preview

    Despite the presence of the mark in the Final Fantasy title, this Dissidia 012 (now it should not sound like heresy to the ears of anyone) just can not be regarded as the "usual" Japanese RPG. And indeed the game mechanism underlying the whole experience is much closer to those typical of three-dimensional fighter. To be honest, when you embark on a path aimed at the creation of a spin-off (that is, a title which, while retaining the name of a well-characterized, suggesting mechanisms different games) you run the risk of running into some catastrophic slide: Fortunately, Square Enix has often failed to provide a range of implementations and are really guess, just as had happened in 2009 with the first Dissidia.

    Also in this sequel will do a few minutes with its eyes fixed on the screen of the PSP to see that every detail has been thought of only in order to send stock jujube any fan of the historical development of Japan. We know you can use Cloud (or better yet Sephiroth) accelerate the saliva of many, but the presence of numerous menu for the management of the characters - with various items to use and equip-style RPGs - combined with a system reliable control and fulfilling, a picture will improve much in itself already very good.

    Beyond the arcade, which will allow us to select one of the many characters available and face five opponents in sequence, Dissidia 012 also propose an interesting story mode, characterized by the inevitable clash between good (Cosmos) and evil (Chaos) . In order to restore peace to reign, then, the player will live the stories of many of the protagonists of the various Final Fantasy. Appeal will not last and even "discussed" the heroine of Final Fantasy XIII, Lightning, or the dark.

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    re: Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy Preview

    The heart of Final Fantasy Dissidia 012 reside in so many fights. The arenas will allow a three-dimensional motion of 360 degrees, while two types of attacks, many special moves (made through a combination of a button and a clear direction analog) and a system of effective dodge from now, will make the fighting very spectacular and incredibly enjoyable. Several additions, then, as the ability to change at any time of the warrior class is used (thus changing the various moves of attack), combined with the call in question, after completing the appropriate bar, a companion for a quick help, some swear by the dangerous specter of repetition.

    The various battles, finally, will once again interspersed with typical sections of the policy. A strange and ethereal board will force the player to perform weighted movements, both aim of killing various demons on the playing surface, and the achievement of the output, necessary to complete the level. We fight a lot, then, but more than once, you will use a little 'gray matter of sound, especially as the menus, full of equipment and various powers, will lead the players to make decisions "important." Only the management of the camera, left to cross the digital leaves room for hours to a few small concerns: the ability to engage the enemy and objects in huge arenas, among other things made with a solid polygon motor and really wonderful, however, detract much of the value of a defect that - however - can still be corrected during testing.

    We conclude this field study reassure the skeptics: the characters put on show, this time, beautiful polygonal models, textures, and animations with resolutions discrete exquisitely nostalgic. We can not wait to get my hands on the final product.

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    re: Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy Preview


    If you have used up the first chapter, this Final Fantasy Dissidia 012 can be considered for you as of now a completely successful experiment. The fusion of two genres as far apart as the fighting and role-play seems to still be able to create an enjoyable and intriguing play. The news, such as the possibility of changing in real time the class of your warrior and thus change its attacks (combined with a myriad of references and citations) will only warm the heart of every fan of the "Final Fantasy" Square home Enix.

    The Good

    • The graphics sumptuous
    • Fun and challenging
    • A lot of heroes taken from various FF
    • RPG and beat 'em together

    The Bad

    • The virtual camera goes to sleep every now and then

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