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Thread: Storage Shed Expansion III mission in FrontontierVille

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    Storage Shed Expansion III mission in FrontontierVille

    Hello everybody

    I loved to play online games specially those one available on social networking site. From last month few months my hot favorite game is “FrontontierVille” available on facebook. I played almost all mission present inside this game. Recently I heard that developers of this game announced new mission that is “Storage Shed Expansion III”. I want to complete that one also before that I need some information about this mission. Like his requirements and all that. Currently I am busy in my exam schedule try to reply the related information as soon as possible so that I can continue my game by playing this mission. Before that I would like to thanks to everyone, those are trying to find information related to this mission for me.

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    Re: Storage Shed Expansion III mission in FrontontierVille

    For the peoples who had already complete the Storage Shed Expansion I and Storage Shed Expansion II, creators of FrontierVille launched a brand new timed mission named “Storage Shed Expansion II” few weeks ago. This mission is nothing but third and final mission of this series. As far I come to know after doing lot of research this mission is really more interesting than previous two versions and definitely going to win hearts of millions of FrontierVille lovers. Till now I don’t have much information about this mission. But I am sure this mission will fascinate you compared to previous version. As I told you this is a final version of this series, I am sure the developers will announce new missions in recent days.

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    Re: Storage Shed Expansion III mission in FrontontierVille

    According online survey held on last week this newly released mission succeeds to gain maximum number of votes compared to any other mission available inside FrontierVille. This mission gives you the chance of winning last 5 storage shed slots. I short say this mission allow you to store more items. Similar to earlier version this mission is also a timed mission. This mission is available to players for only three days from when they accept that mission’s. I hope you will complete this mission as early as possible. I am not aware about the requirements and reward you get after completing this mission. I will reply you as soon as I get information about this.

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    Re: Storage Shed Expansion III mission in FrontontierVille

    Similar to previous missions this mission available inside FrontierVille this mission also contains some tasks in order to complete it. This mission is almost impossible to complete for those players who didn’t have crops on their field. To complete first two tasks you have Clobber Groundhogs and snakes and along with that you have to collect at least ten Crowbars. After completing this mission you will be rewarded with 400 xp and minimum 750 coins. I am sure this is not a bad deal in order collect four hundred experience points. In addition to this you will also get extra sheds. Best of luck! for this mission.

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    Re: Storage Shed Expansion III mission in FrontontierVille

    For completing this mission you have to draw snakes on your field by removing all thorns and skulls. To get groundhogs, try to harvest your crops whenever possible. You can request your friends for crowbar. When you receive one crowbar that time your friends also get one as a return gift. Try to call your friends who already played previous missions. It might be possible that they already take experience of this mission. You can also use the reference guide available on many official sites. They provide this guide without charging sing anything from you.

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