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Thread: Cityville: Payout for 4 diamonds on theater

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    Cityville: Payout for 4 diamonds on theater

    Guys I have got a very interesting query about this Cityviille game that I have been playing for such a long time, I am stuck with some doubt and would want to get it clear as early as possible. I would want to know that what is the percentage that is required to get this payout of four diamonds that I have created on my theater. I am really looking to generate as much as of the diamonds from the coins and the points that I have earned, that can help me with progressing in this Cityville game because the return on the diamonds would be even greater that I have purchased. So any one having any idea please feel free to post it and I would be very thankful to any one who comes up with the reply first.

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    Re: Cityville: Payout for 4 diamonds on theater

    Well I am not that sure about the payout for four diamonds as I have never ever found this kind of thing in my game. What I would want to specify is that from my Tower Eats that I am having in my city, I got it at 411% payout that is the whole took about approximately 5000 coins each and every time of the collection, but the important thing is that there is still a three diamond icon coming on my game, I have tried a bit more than this but then also I have never got the four diamonds payout at any time during the games play, so my conclusion is that the maximum payout that is available is the three diamonds payout.

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    Re: Cityville: Payout for 4 diamonds on theater

    Hey friend I also think that the four diamonds payout facility is still not available in the game, I am having the city surrounded by four tennis courts, two ball court, five rocky hills, a couple arboretums and some flowers and with this I am getting 414% after having developed so much I am not able to get the payout for the four diamonds, so all I can say that the option for the four payout diamonds is still not available and that we have to work with only three diamonds yet. I know that is certainly not a good news because we all want the return for the four diamonds payout.

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    Re: Cityville: Payout for 4 diamonds on theater

    I think that the maximum percentage required for getting the four diamonds payout is 600%, although I havenít seen any one reaching to that level yet. I think that most of the users will find it very difficult to reach to this kind of level and I would want to request Zynga that the level percentage that is set for getting the desired four diamonds payout should certainly be dropped to some extent so that it can be made easier for all the users to generates as much as diamond as possible from the game.

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