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Thread: Caroling Collection in FrontierVille

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    Caroling Collection in FrontierVille

    Hello friends
    I am not going take you your too much time. Actually I need some information related to Caroling Collection available inside FrontierVille. I ask my friends about this collection. But they also don’t know about this collection. Actually I want to know about this collection for my younger brother. I hope there are peoples who have information related to this collection. I am waiting for your replies. Sorry for this trouble, actually due to busy office schedule I am unable to get free time to find information about this. If you have any kind of information related to this please reply me as early as possible. I like to thanks to all my repliers who spend their priceless time for me.

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    Re: Caroling Collection in FrontierVille

    Collections are nothing but bunch of items. As far I know in FrontierVille every collection consists of at least five items. When player collects all those mentioned items inside collection he will rewarded with special rewards like coins or energy. I asked in my friends circle, they told me there are almost 74 collections available in this game. But they never came across this type of collections. If you want to know information about any other collection I will provide it to you. Like apple collection, apricot collection etc. don’t worry I will find information about this collection as early as possible. For that I need some time.

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    Re: Caroling Collection in FrontierVille

    Sorry, I am able to sort out only small piece of information related to Caroling Collection. This is new collection introduced by developers of FrontireVille. As you already know every collection comprises of list of items. I would like to tell you about collection items present inside this collection. The first collection item in this collection is “sheet music “. it appears like a music notation book. Second one is “Tuning fork” as name suggests it appears like a tuning fork paced on wood box. The third item in this list is “Caroling Candle” and the last two are “Hand Bell” and “Music Stand”. If you want to complete your “Caroling Collection”, you have to collect all these five items.

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    Re: Caroling Collection in FrontierVille

    After searching at lot of places finally I got the information related to this collection. In order to complete this collection you just have to feed your neighbors animals. After each feeding you will put one step towards this collection. That why I tell you always keep watch on your neighbors whenever they ask you for help, help them without wasting any time this habit will help you to complete this collection as fast as possible. At the same time never forget to collect daily bonuses from your buildings this will help you to collect items faster than others. I am also following the same strategy in order to complete this collection.

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    Re: Caroling Collection in FrontierVille

    As you already know after completing every collection present inside the Frontierville you are rewarded with some bonus points. Same thing is applicable for this collection also. As soon as you complete your collections you will get large wreath and most valuable thing in this game that is 100 xp. For knowing more about this collection use the links available on google. They will take you to appropriate page of information. The special thing about this game is they announced variety of collections throughout the year which helps to increase interest about this game.

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