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Thread: FrontierVille: How to get toys from gift Box

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    FrontierVille: How to get toys from gift Box

    I have establish that when I visit my neighbors frontier's and tend their Pine along with Oak Trees, I discover that they obtain a complete set of more toys than from several additional object. My friend is also discovering this to be common also. So provide it an attempt and post back at this time and say if it works for you t. Some players are too receiving a lot of presents from nurturing neighbor’s fruit trees, so attempt and give that a go as well. So I m not getting the toys inside the Toy Factory in my frontierville game please tell me what should I do now.

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    Re: FrontierVille: How to get toys from gift Box

    I read the pop up and the thread about the toy factory though I've visited over a number neighbors doing a variety of tasks (Clearing rocks/skulls/flowers/grass, chopping trees, harvesting fruit trees, reviving shrivel crops, watering crops, harvesting crops etc.) and have gotten single present drop inside the Toy factory. Just I need to accept that toy and it directly inside the toy factory. But there is small suggestion if you seeing that someone have send you a gift as a toy immediately accept it before the gift expires it is about 1 week or so afterwards if you try to accept it you not get the gift and you will not inside the toy factory. I did obtain present drops from assembling from my buildings but at this rate I'll come close to receiving enough for many prizes.

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    Re: FrontierVille: How to get toys from gift Box

    While most of us been busy wrapping gifts and setting up for the Holidays, Zynga has been active functioning on the most recent edition to Frontierville! The FrontierVille Pioneer Toy Factory! There will be no building materials required to finish the Toy Factory, it comes pre-built! The Pioneer Toy Factory will work likewise to the FarmVille where you will need to assemble a set amount of a individual item and in this case, you will have to gather Toys, which will be used towards saving your decorations material.

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    Re: FrontierVille: How to get toys from gift Box

    To request for Toys, you can click on the ‘Ask for Toys’ key control after selecting on the Pioneer Toy Factory or you will have the choice to ‘Buy More Toys’ for Horseshoes except you do not need to. In total there are 6 rewards that you can gather Toys to trade in, and after converting each decoration the quantity of Gifts the article cost will be subtracted from your total quantity of Toys. This is a new technique to receive decorations for FrontierVille and should formulate the task of obtaining items a little more tricky but not too strenuous either.

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    Re: FrontierVille: How to get toys from gift Box

    The more toys you can gather for the elves from your neighbors or anywhere, the superior. The factory has some in fact beautiful extravagance for us, if we able to obtain the elves lots of toys you can acquire toys in a lot of ways ! Trying serving out your neighbors’ homesteads, gather every day bonuses and requesting friends. Light up your homestead with a minty blaze! (Unlocked at Scrooge level, located on homestead. The most wonderful Christmas Tree on the Frontier. (Unlocked at St. Nick level, to be found on homestead)

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