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Thread: FrontierVille : How to get Rocks

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    FrontierVille : How to get Rocks

    I totally agree with the fact that they are making it impractical to obtain the horseshoes; I did not even get the added storage room last time since I could not obtain any snakes owing to not getting any rocks or skulls. I have had large amounts of space empty since that quest and no rocks, skulls or grass come into view, since then have sold all trees and others material to clear bigger areas, still only have 3 rocks since start of quest, obtain skulls from trading in assortment to be capable to append some to debris. If things don't alter so we can terminate the quests, I am through and hope many others choose the same. Itís not fun any longer.

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    Re: FrontierVille : How to get Rocks

    I vacant a small area to permit debris to cultivate, well mostly rocks previous nowadays. Fenced it off only making a "entry" way open, and from regarding 4 hrs till now, almost 6 hrs I got 2 rock spawns. All I did was throwing down a little baby pine trees as well as baby oak trees till the 1st rock spawn demonstrate up and then I cut the trees down. Came back to verify before I go to bed and an additional had spawned. I've been waiting for 1 days and it is come out easily for me. Iíve got several scrap of grass area and blank some those to create room for rock come into view and wait to see. And even the grasses reappear sometime.

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    Re: FrontierVille : How to get Rocks

    I finished the New Year Resolution missions last time by the 14th to earn 50 individual horseshoes. I desire to earn the 50 Horseshoes, and afterward they are also leasing me earn those Horseshoes. For I have almost cleared the whole thing on my homestead, to allow the rocks "grow". After 2 and half days I get grass, thorns, one cactus and lots of trees and 5 rocks! I required 4 rocks to full fill the 6 missions and completed the missions easily, if I buy those would require me for spending 32 HS, so my earning will be 18 HS. So waited for this come and completed my mission easily.

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    Re: FrontierVille : How to get Rocks

    It appears that the developers have gone through the similar game plan as Pogo Games in pre determining winners etc. Why does abundance of rocks show up on other farms and barely any to none on others? It should be ended fair to every player. I've gotten 5 rocks in 5 days, while some people are receiving 5 in one day. Then you transform the rules in average stream by saying terminate missions by the February to get the 50 horse shoes. This isnít fair to people who play solid and truthfully, while others use the deceive system of auto gift grabbing etc. Make the games satisfactory to everybody

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    Re: FrontierVille : How to get Rocks

    I have vacant half my farmstead for days - now I am becoming sick of it all, each time you accomplish a mission you can approximately bet they will make it a complete bugbear. Why didn't Zynga permit us to clear rocks from neighborís farms to add up towards the totals we require as with additional missions? I never had a difficulty with rocks when I didn't require them for missions & surprise, surprise its the mere thing you can't obtain from turning in gathering - you have to purchase them at a very much exaggerated horseshoe cost! Well I reject; I'd rather perform no assignment at all. Keep going behind this path Zynga & you will misplace loads of us players who are hanging on simply since the work we've previously put in.

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