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Thread: Sims 3 launcher stopped working

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    Sims 3 launcher stopped working

    I am having some issues with The Sims 3 game. When I am starting Sims 3, the message pops-up "Sims 3 Launcher has encountered a problem and needs to close" and then the game gets closed. So thought that some of people on this forum must have faced this problem and should be knowing some solutions. Please provide some solutions to troubleshoot my problems, so that I can continue to play.!! I am expecting your help soon as possible.

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    Re: Sims 3 launcher stopped working

    The long-awaited and at 04.06. finally released the game The Sims 3 is in itself stable and largely free of errors. Launcher, the new content can be installed on up. This includes all the worlds, as well as item-sets or individual items. Download the appropriate links on the website should open the launcher, which downloads the new content and installed. However, problems occur in Windows Vista. on this "can not install! are downloads" or "leave it! not install downloads" it sounds in forums - the program does not respond to the "Install" button. Sometimes suggests even the download fails itself.

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    Re: Sims 3 launcher stopped working

    The simple solution: Right click on the Sims 3 Launcher - icon, select Properties from the context menu. Click on the window that appears on the tab Compatibility, then run as a program administrator, finally click on the OK button. The next time you click on a Sims 3 you will able to download Windows Vista which asks for confirmation and everything should work. If the download does not start yet and the launcher is already open, close the launcher and try again. I am sure that will work for you. If this fails, try the following approaches:
    • Disable downloaded content before update.
    • Make sure you start the launcher without Sims.
    • If nothing else remains, the clean installation of Sims 3 must help.

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    Re: Sims 3 launcher stopped working


    I have the following problem - wanted to bring my family the Game Sims from my old to my new pc. The files can be seen in the launcher - but noted as not installed - I go to install - when the loading bar and the window says - success. I start the game and they are not there. When I start the launcher again, they are still not installed. What happened to all files, I could install 2 without problems into play - for all the files and the conditions procedure was the same. I play to windows 7, I know how to get objects into the game - or under what files I have saved. The files are in the download folder as rediscover pack files. So dive in - just not in the game. Can someone help me there?

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    Re: Sims 3 launcher stopped working

    Perhaps there are still remnants of the old install on your system. So you take from a clean installation of The Sims:
    1. Game uninstall from Control Panel
    2. Sims delete any existing order complete (usually C: \ Program Files \ Electronic Arts \ The Sims 3).
    3. My Games delete files (typically C: \ Documents and Settings \ USER \ My Documents \ Electronic Arts \ The Sims 3). Attention All Scores and downloaded content will be removed.
    4. Clear all the registry properly.
    5. Reinstall the game.
    6. Install updates.
    7. Expansion packs installed, if any.
    8. Only at the end to download new content and install.
    Hope that will help you.

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