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Thread: I want to recover my lost saves of my Sims 3 game

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    I want to recover my lost saves of my Sims 3 game

    I have been playing the Sims 3 games which was being newly launched , I used to save my game regularly , however I was playing my Sims 3 game on my system and suddenly there was a power failure , then when after that when I restarted my game I was not able to find the game I had saved at different stages , so please if anybody from the forum knows how can recover and restore the lost game in Sims 3 . I will be very grateful. Thank you in advance.

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    Re: I want to recover my lost saves of my Sims 3 game

    There is some method being explained in the official Sims website, I tested this and it does work! You can get back your Saved games using this method if your games have been deleted as the last patch. It appears the patch removed the current games, however left the .backup games in the Saves Folder. If you rename the .backup to .sims3 you will be able to retrieve your lost games.

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    Re: I want to recover my lost saves of my Sims 3 game

    There are a lot of people who face the same issue theat you are facing right now so you there has to be some way to recover those lot games back . If you are facing the problem of lost games and uninstalled store content since the last patch, you need not provide necessary information to the question being asked in its websites , you have to tell there about the specification in your system, the version or the edition of the game you are playing . , some particular sort of issue you faced.

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    Re: I want to recover my lost saves of my Sims 3 game

    I have not lost any saved games, but I have a lot of issue with my saved games resulted so as a corrupted file I am not able to play them anymore. If I exchange families in edit town it will load eternally and never halt for that reason I have to cold cut the game. I just today came to know that the store content I downloaded was not displaying as installed in my download manager, for that reason I went through and reinstalled the whole thing Not even that but since the patch, I have to click the play button two times in order for the game to begin. I click on one occasion, nothing happens while it works on the second occasion.

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    Re: I want to recover my lost saves of my Sims 3 game

    Update for Store Content that will not renmain installed: It appears the patch or update is demeaning the *.ebc files in the DCCache folder. A Temp resolution is to erase those *.ebc files and install the Store Content again . The Saved Games and Sims etc are being deleted as well.I recommend a sticky to remind everybody to save their games prior to their updatation . This is also happening to MAC's so the reason , you can locate the patch as MACS do NOT make use of the EADM . After numerous tests with diverse computers, it appears that this patch is uninstalling store content for a few players when updating the EADM following the game patch. I recommend posting a sticky advising players to backup their store content prior to their update and also to maintain their EADM up to date.

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