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Thread: FrontierVille Glitch or Cheat: Unlimited Lunches

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    FrontierVille Glitch or Cheat: Unlimited Lunches

    I just heard about this and require some more detail about this. One of my friends gives me some information about this and told me that: Well, wouldn’t you adore having an endless amount of lunches in FrontierVille and, thus, never-ending energy to do anything you believes like doing? It seems that, that is probable through a bit cheat joint with a fault that Zynga might not be conscious of. So like this I require little more useful information. Is anyone having any idea about this then please provide it to me.

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    Re: FrontierVille Glitch or Cheat: Unlimited Lunches

    Here are the directions of how to obtain countless lunches:
    “I have 2 accounts: my genuine and a fake gaming account on Facebook. I had 60 lunches in my genuine account and I sent them in excess of to the fake account. I came back and the lunches were reverse in my genuine account. Thus, I continued sending and after that refreshing. The lunches continued popping back up in my genuine account. So, at present I have above 600 lunches in my fake account.” Sounds truly cool, correct? I am certain that lots of of you have numerous Facebook accounts or extremely good friends which can assist you getting countless lunches in the game thus begin sending and don’t overlook to share this post with your friends.

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    Re: FrontierVille Glitch or Cheat: Unlimited Lunches

    How does single send a repast to one more account? I have 3 Facebook accounts – each play FrontierVille. It is how my chief account is a level 63 at present. The missions go an entire lot simpler. I defensible it by all the begging’s essential for that game; if Zynga was departing to make us bother fellow citizens until 2014, I was just going to make fellow citizens of my individual to have things go quicker. What’s truly amusing is at present I can play FrontierVille four dissimilar ways with numerous quests at one time, giving back and forth items for example building resources. But I go off the point — how could I send a repast from one player to one more?

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    Re: FrontierVille Glitch or Cheat: Unlimited Lunches

    What is the deception to this one? I had 4 dinners, sent each 4 to one more account. Not any showed back up in my catalog. But I had 3 lunches, sent together, one showed back up. I sent the just single I had remained; it showed back up once more. I attempted sending it another time, this time; it does not show back up. Now for the dinners, I only strike the revive button in my Firefox browser. For the lunches, I in fact strike the bookmark taking me straight reverse to the Facebook site.

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    Re: FrontierVille Glitch or Cheat: Unlimited Lunches

    Attempted and worked! Depart to Inventory, at gift sachet of dinner (left hand bend of dinner) send to my additional FrontierVille account. Later than stimulating the sheet, I at a standstill have my dinner (apart from 2 less). While I depart to the additional FrontierVille account, I observe every dinner I sent from my chief account. So I only send them reverse to my major account another time.

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