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Thread: Restaurant City: how to get more Coins?

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    Restaurant City: how to get more Coins?

    I have joined Facebook in order to find my school friends and to increase my social contacts. One of my friend told me that one should play social game to increase social contacts on Facebook. Hence I have stated to play Restaurant City. Now I want to know the most efficient way to earn maximum coin on Restaurant City. Normally I am able to earn around 3K only per day. Anyone having any idea regarding this particular situation please reply as soon as possible. Thanks a lot in advance

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    Re: Restaurant City: how to get more Coins?

    I am mentioning below instructions to earn maximum point in Restaurant City.
    • You have to click on add playfish cash.
    • Now click on earn playfish cash.
    • Now you have to click on Watch Videos.
    • Now view the available videos.
    • Now you have to go to trading forums and you have to make thread auctioning with the playfish cash for soups.
    • Now you might get any of the following points.
    3 pf -around 10 soups
    4 pf - around 13 soups
    5 pf -around 15-17 soups.
    • Now you have to deal with highest offer provided.
    • Now you are having 10 soups which you have to sell to shop to get 1 million in store coins.

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    Re: Restaurant City: how to get more Coins?

    Looking at the query which you have mentioned above I am suggesting you that you should play in arcades. Why because it is the most simplest way to earn more easily without spending anything more. You can go to blue retro which is having 18000 in stores coins. It gives 120 coins after every 4 hours. Another option I can tell you is that crazy planets pinball machine. Well it cost 12000 in store coins and also gives 80 coins per hour. I am hoping that any of above helps you to meet your requirement.

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    Re: Restaurant City: how to get more Coins?

    Well I am having the best way to earn coins is to get PFC and trading the same on the forums for arcades. Well between arcades and functional items I am getting level up of the dishes of mine. I am collecting almost 30,000 coins after every 4 hours. If you are unable to buy PFC then you can level up the dishes with using functional rewards otherwise you have to add the rewards from the friends of yours. I have found that many users duplicate their reward which is cheating but still some people doing the same. You can claim for all 20 rewards then you will get 2,500 coins for each and every reward hence you will get 50,000 coins every day.

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    Re: Restaurant City: how to get more Coins?

    Another way is to run your restaurant with one dish selected rather than selecting multiple dishes. It also depends on which can kind of arcade you are having. Well it the arcade which makes the cost PFC to get money. Another way is to turn your Raw PFC to soup since you will be able to buy arcades with cheaper rate. You will be able to get free ingredient from the one who has visited the first time. I recommend that it is the best method to get more coins. So try it to do the same.

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