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Thread: Mafia wars: No Holiday Event Grand Prize

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    Mafia wars: No Holiday Event Grand Prize

    Friends I have been playing this Mafia Wars game for quite some time now and have thoroughly enjoyed its feature, I have been bored of the Cityville and was looking for some fighting kind of game on the facebook, finally I did manage to get this game and have found that this is really cool game to play. I have been also accessing and playing the contest that come up each and every week and has won a lot of prizes for me through it. This week there was this Holiday Event that had took place on Mafia Wars, as usual I again enrolled to this contest and have successfully completed it as well, but one thing which I was desperately fighting to achieve that is the prize for winning this was unable for me. As soon as I finished the game it was prompted that you have won a prize but when I checked there was no prize for me, so can any help me to know where is the prize located.

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    Re: Mafia wars: No Holiday Event Grand Prize

    Hey have you checked your inventory, I think that any of the gifts that we usually win goes into the inventory, so you first have a good look at your inventory and see to it you have used all the features that you have got in the inventory. Also, you should clear all the inventory so that new gifts can also come into at the top of others. If the inventory is not vacant then you will loose all the gifts that has won by you.

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    Re: Mafia wars: No Holiday Event Grand Prize

    Hey have you checked your gift box, I feel that it has to be lying some where inside it also I would want to ask you that when you won the game have you accepted the gift or rejected. I have the gift successfully added to my giftbox when I won the game. When the event was completed it was prompted me with to accept the gift or not and if you reject it then you are not going to get that gift. So if you have unknowingly rejected the gift then you will surely loose the gift.

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    Re: Mafia wars: No Holiday Event Grand Prize

    I think that this is some kind of bug in the contest, they have come up with this game with no plan at all, they have mentioned that we will be able to get the grand prize for wining this contest but they have not mentioned there from where we are going to get the prize from after winning the game. I have been also won this contest for such along time but then also, I haven’t got the gift yet , I think that this problem has to be reported to Zynga so that they can look into this matter and can take the necessary actions.

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