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Thread: How to be a Horseshoe Hero in FrontierVille

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    How to be a Horseshoe Hero in FrontierVille

    Now that lots of us have earned 50 extra Horseshoes for completing the 6 Resolution Missions (and if you have not or did not obtain yours--this is not the thread to go on); I am certain a few of us will be utilizing those additional HS’s to attempt to finish the Horsepit Badge. I was speculating if anybody has had any fortune with finishing the badge (or as a minimum getting 11 points for the Horseshoe Hustler) and if so, here are a few questions:
    1. Did you achieve the "win" on your homestead or a fellow citizen's homestead?
    2. Did you observe what the climate was for that day? I have oftener speculated if you have an improved probability to strike the aim on “non BREEZY days” I am certain there’s no relationship but I had to ask.

    In general I think it is generally based on fortune and random algorithms but thanks for any imminent or observations you may have to present.

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    Re: How to be a Horseshoe Hero in FrontierVille

    Do not squander your horseshoes on the horseshoe pit. It has been capped to permit you just 7 throws earlier than you have to cash out, the chances of you receiving every 7 to be a ringer is very remote. My badge has been wedged at 12 since it came out and I utilized to play each day - generally because I didn't realize it had been capped. The moment I establish that out I stopped playing it. I did attempt a pair of times previous week but just got 3 throws earlier than I got the untamed throw and had to cash out. So I'm not at all going to play it once more till I hear the cap has been raised.

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    Re: How to be a Horseshoe Hero in FrontierVille

    I memorize that you posted regarding winning the top prize numerous times. That was my inducement to attempt and discover the soft spot which permitted me to win numerous times too. In the finish I handled to win 8 jackpots. But after that the nerf was introduced with the solid cap at 7. Even in the novel threads caution people regarding the Pit there is a misapprehension...Hard cap at 7 means that the seventh fling is untamed(equals 0 points and trimmings your game), so even in the extremely unlikely case of all ringers in a row you would get a greatest score of 18. For those who wish to attempt to beat the odds here's a method to simulate the Pit for gratis. Take six hits of playing cards. Take the ace, 2, 3 and the king (to replicate 0). Scuffle you test deck and choose 6 cards. Now attempt how repeatedly you have to play to obtain a 3 six times in a row from the pinnacle of the deck.

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    Re: How to be a Horseshoe Hero in FrontierVille

    In the Jack lopes Lodge. You require reaching a certain score to succeed. I have obtained the initial one, which I think was 5 possibly, but currently I require getting 11 for the subsequently, which I can't observe occurrence any time shortly. I don't akin to it either that I don't have the brooch, but I am hopeful possibly one day rather will alter and we will get it. I not at all thought I would ever have the Liberty Bell either, but thanks to the Care Packages a few of weeks before, I can at present cross that off my catalog of requirements.

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    Re: How to be a Horseshoe Hero in FrontierVille

    I stopped playing it. I don't require the coins and the understanding is insignificant, and I am not eager to spend any of my horseshoes on it. But it is a pleasant flavor decoration, and if my fellow citizens wish to expend time on it, why not? I place it by my small house, so the guys can go play horseshoes while they are not performing things with goats. It was type of a squander to construct, though.

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