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Thread: Which Fish to Raise in FishVille?

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    Which Fish to Raise in FishVille?

    Hello everyone
    I recently start playing fishville. I need your for choosing fish for aquarium. I asked my friends about this, but they are unable to provide me the reasonable answer as none of them interested in social networking games. I read the manual available on facebook to make myself clear about this point. But still my doubt remained as it is. Is there anybody who can guide me to select correct one for my aquarium. I am waiting for your precious relies. I hope there are peoples who are crazy about these kinds of games. I request you; please try to get back to me as early as possible. Your each and every reply will be appreciated by me. I like to say thanks to all senders.

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    Re: Which Fish to Raise in FishVille?

    Actually there are number of option that you have to keep in mind while choosing fish for your aquarium in FishVille. Your options to select will increase in future as you move up in levels chart. There are fishes which appeared after reaching that particular level only. Each fish available in FishVille has his own unique important and characteristics compared to others. So while purchasing particular fish you have to consider more than one factor instead of one which are useful for your aquarium. As you progress through this game the number of related factors wills increases automatically. You have to choose that fish which is capable to manage with your surroundings.

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    Re: Which Fish to Raise in FishVille?

    Inside fishville fishes are primary source of gaining cash. While selecting a fish for your aquarium never try to concentrate on single point. it is not necessary to buy only those fishes who has high selling price. Try to apply you logic while purchasing fish. Instead of concentrating on high selling price try to concentrate on how many coins are gathered by you in each hour from your fishes. This will not only help you to make suitable selection but also raise your account balance. Now I am on level 34, still I am using the same strategy while playing this game. I tell you it is really effective in my case. Of course there are other factors also involved in this, but as you told earlier you are beginner in this game I think this suggestion is more than enough for you.

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    Re: Which Fish to Raise in FishVille?

    While selecting fish never think about money you will collect in future after selling it. They are also helpful for gaining extra experience points in order to help you in leveling. Also check the ratio of coins you are gaining behind number of fishes you purchased. But as far my experience is saying try to concentrate on experience points only instead of coins. You can earn coins by modifying your decoration and visiting neighbors but the biggest source of gaining experience point is nothing but fishes that you bought. You will be exposed by number of option for selecting particular fish after full filling the initial requirements of the game like experience points and all that.

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    Re: Which Fish to Raise in FishVille?

    While buying fishes in FishVille, try to buy only those fishes whose feeding time is match with your schedule. Firstly check whether the fish’s growth cycle Is exactly matched with predefined time table or not. If you make a habit of playing only these kinds of fishes you will reach to highest game levels very easily instead of trying too many experiments in fishville. If you are not clear about this, you can refer the books available on many social sites. They will provide you the user reference guide without charging anything for you. The 3steps is one of them. Try to download only that guide which has information written in points, So that you easily grasp the key features.

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