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Thread: Farmville: Unknown messages getting posted on my wall

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    Farmville: Unknown messages getting posted on my wall

    Good Morning all my Farmville lovers, I have some very problematic questions for you, everything was going great in my Farmville until yesterday when I was playing the game, I suddenly saw some unusual messages from a user who is neither in my friends list not my neighbor. The message is of the Farrmville but it is been through this unknown user. The message said that “Good going man continue your work”. So guys I would want to know from you all that are you all getting this kind of messages or is it that only I am getting this message. Also, if not then can some one suggest what is the problem and how can I be able to solve it

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    Re: Farmville: Unknown messages getting posted on my wall

    Hey I am hearing this for the first time, none of my friends including me haven’t faced with any of these messages. I would like to request you to, just check out the person name on the facebook and see if you are able to find that person itself on the facebook. It can be that the person who has send you this message might be your friend and he would have send you intentionally. Also, just check out from some of your own friends whether they have received or not, it could be that some of your friends might have send you inorder to fool you around.

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    Re: Farmville: Unknown messages getting posted on my wall

    If you don’t find any such person who have send you this message and nor of your friends have been received the same message then I think that your account might have got hack and that you should instantly change your password so that even if it has been hacked the hacker will loose the current password. Also, I would like to request you to not to include any of your personal information on your facebook as it is very risky and it is well recommended that you should change your password every month to ensure security.

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    Re: Farmville: Unknown messages getting posted on my wall

    I have asked all my friends and none of them have getting any kind of messages on their wall through the facebook, also I have searched for the person on the facebook account and there was no person on it with this kind of name. I have changed my password many times now but still I am getting the message from the Farmville”Good going man continue the work”. Is that there is some other person who has got full control of account or is it some thing else please help in overcoming this problem.

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    Re: Farmville: Unknown messages getting posted on my wall

    Hey I have also been receiving the same message from the facebook and I have been submitted information about this to the facebook authorities and they have responded by saying that this is a new facility started by Farmville so as to deliver this kind of message to the users who have been playing good and have been earning allot of points and have been crossing too many levels with ease as compared to the other. So don’t worry enjoy your game and earn as much as possible you will get more of these messages each and every time.

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