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Thread: FarmVille:foals or horses

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    FarmVille:foals or horses

    Foals: There are two kind of Foals Black and Gray both takes only one day to harvest.
    Horses: There are six types of horses Clydesdale,Forest,Autumn,Perchercon,Silver,Pinto all takes three days to harvest.
    I would go with Foals because foals harvests in 1 day and horses harvests in 3 days but if you harvest foals for 3 days as compaired to horse you can gain more coins.

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    Re: FarmVille:foals or horses

    The point of the breeding is to share foals and calves on your feed with your neighbors.One of my neighbor regularly shares foals and calves; I pick them up, put them in my nursery barn, and then eventually have animals to share back with him. That's the idea; it's not about collecting one of each kind for yourself.I have bought two rare horses so far, and am pleased by the way they produce rare animals for me to share with him. That's the point I like sharing things with him. He shares with me, I share with him. It's a social relationship thing.This is how we need to play this game and increase our level.

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    Re: FarmVille:foals or horses

    The point is, you are NOT sharing foals and calves. Foals and calves would grow into their respective counterparts. The things that are being "born" are nothing but decorations that LOOK like miniature horses and cows.There are over 30 million people plays this game. Of those people, very few ever visit the forums. There is no "nusery guide" in game, and you can bet that they aren't going to advertise that the nursery defies all logic by messing with the genetic code of it's denizens, turning them into virtual crap. Nurseries are worthless, they don't MAKE SENSE to the majority of people.... add to that they make these foals and calves "rare" and people get excited when they finally get one (or even get to share themselves) and then they find out THIS it's worthless, it's a bauble, and does absolutely nothing worthwhile.It upsets the majority of people. Sure, the "horse breeders" like to show off that they paid FC for a horse by sharing a bauble, but the brunt of the player base absolutely HATES the idea, and it isn't worth the hassle.

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    Re: FarmVille:foals or horses

    The interesting thing is....
    I used to buy more than 1 of each horse - in fact 4 or 5 of each horse.Now I buy 2 of each Soon I will only buy 1 of each
    Why is this.
    1. Footprint
    2. Stable - 40 Variety of FC horses - 55* (includes the special offers)
    3. No room left on the farm for any more than 1-2 of each new type land is scarce.
    4. No room left for foals from each horse as land is scarce
    5. No point in putting foals into the nursery because I can't give the black foals or light blue foals away
    6. No point in breeding excessively soon because everyone is slowly being affected by points 1-5 in one way shape or form if they currently do any sort of breeding.
    7. I still don't see why the foals cannot grow into their own self just because someone spent FC on the adult.
    Heck I even bought 20 Kelly green cows... Autum, Blue, Candy Cane cows = 1 each - why because I can produce a calf... and have the cow...all for 22FC....and get nothing extra for buying more.
    Anyone get a rainbow egg lately?
    The chicken came 1st and someone spent 25FC on it.... but they only bought 1 - and now they could have 1 or 10 or 20 or 30 or 40 or 50 from their original 25FC investment..... mmmm maybe I should breed chickens...

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