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Thread: Cityville: Unable to complete the "Build Restaurant" level

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    Cityville: Unable to complete the "Build Restaurant" level

    Guys please help me out as early as you can I am really fed up of this problem, if this is not going to get solved then unfortunately I have to give up playing the Cityville. I am building an Italian Restaurant and I have complete the entire construction of the restaurant six time in row and still I am no able to get the achievement thing to complete. The restaurant gets completed with ease as now I have got the idea of building it as I have done six times in a row, but the problem is that I am not able to get pass that level, I am currently on the 52 level and I am stuck on it, so guys help me to get rid of this level.

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    Re: Cityville: Unable to complete the "Build Restaurant" level

    I think that are not passing the minimum points that are required to pass this level, you have mentioned that you had constructed the restaurant six times in a row, now what I would want to know that have you built the restaurant simple each and every time. If this is the case then one thing is certain that you will not be able to pass the level because to pass the level you should require some high points as compared to the previous level. Also, you should take care that while constructing the restaurant you should make as much decoration as possible. This will make you earn more points and you will certainly become eligible to move to the next level.

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    Re: Cityville: Unable to complete the "Build Restaurant" level

    One of the things that you should take care is that you should place the restaurant at a good place where you know that you will be able to earn more profits. If you placed the restaurant in such a place where hardly it will earn anything that there is no point placing the restaurant. The levels are decided upon the days you have spend and the points that you have earned. If you have not earned that to good with the restaurant of yours then I think that you are eligible for the next level. So you will have to make sure that you have all then necessary things done in order to get pass through the next level.

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    Re: Cityville: Unable to complete the "Build Restaurant" level

    I have also made the Italian Restaurant and also facing the problem of the passage to the next level, I have made use of the Brownstones that required too much of my coins, also I have collected Rent from the Restaurant 20 times in a row but then also no signs of getting through to this level. So can any one help me to really get rid of this level quickly. I am fed up of this as even after doing so much of the things I am again being placed I the same level and my friends are way ahead of me.

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    Re: Cityville: Unable to complete the "Build Restaurant" level

    It seems lie each and every one is facing this kind of problem and I believe that this is something to do with the bug in the game. This is ridiculous as after having passed so many levels with ease we end up sticking into this stupid level. I guess that we have to inform the Cityville authorities about this problem so that they can take acute measures as quickly as possible. Hope that they come up with the solution as early as possible

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