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Thread: How to totally remove BUDDIES in Zynga Poker

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    How to totally remove BUDDIES in Zynga Poker

    It's a potentially severe trouble with the ways Buddies perform - serious, since it's not clear to the majority players when it come about. It worries me for "removing" a buddy. If a player adds a buddy, there is no technique to sever that linkage. A player is able to "remove" a buddy, but this doesn't accomplish what the player considers it will do. It basically removes the buddy from the record of buddies - but it is simply one-sided! The buddy can still observe the player, and be able to go behind the player about with Zynga Poker Live. This is a frightening when a "buddy" turns out to be a follower, or irritating or creepy, or threatening, which in fact happens a fair quantity of the time. There is no alternative to chunk the discarded buddy. For some preposterous cause, the only people a performer can chunk the Facebook friends. So, my query is: how can a player completely sever the connection to an unwanted buddy? Is there a method to perform this?

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    Re: How to totally remove BUDDIES in Zynga Poker

    I'm not saying about where one buddy is on Facebook along with the other is on, say, Remo. I you will need check that situation. But you will need test the Facebook to Facebook buddies, and can verify that to in fact remove a buddy. The only technique to remove a buddy who presently a Facebook companion is to initial sever the Facebook association; afterward get rid of the buddy from Zynga's buddy record. The link will be disengaged on equal sides. You should not eliminate a poker buddy who is too a Facebook friend with no two-step process.

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    Re: How to totally remove BUDDIES in Zynga Poker

    1. For this you will require to go Profile section which is present at the apex of the main zynga poker page.
    • Your Buddies are situated on the left end of the page which opens at that time.
    2. Then you will come across the See All button or a particular tab next to your number of Buddies. Select that See all button by clicking on it.
    3. Then you will come across the option of the remove buddy on the new window so select that Remove Buddy “NAME” beneath the Send a Gift button.
    After performing this you will observe that the poker buddy will no more come into view in your Buddies list.

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    Re: How to totally remove BUDDIES in Zynga Poker

    I think that there is no way to discard it directly from the buddy list in znyga poker you will need to check first which buddy should be removed from the list. The above method just removes them temporarily you will need to remove it through the help of facebook friend. If that friend is your facebook friend as well as zynga poker friend then you will need just remove that facebook friend form the list and then remove from the zynga poker buddy list then only I think that it will solve your problem easily.

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    Re: How to totally remove BUDDIES in Zynga Poker

    Yeah I tried out by eliminating a Facebook Friend so that they are no longer poker buddies. So you will need to perform the two step procedure. You will require removing them as Facebook Friends as well as then removed them as poker buddies. However if required to keep them as Facebook Friends simply. Guess what come about? I appear like you can't perform that. So you will require reinviting them to be Facebook Friends only. It will automatically end up as poker buddies additionally.

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    Re: How to totally remove BUDDIES in Zynga Poker

    Whenever you log in to Texas Holdem, there is a layer band recording of entire your buddies’ record and where you place. Scroll through the strip and you will examine where you at this time present. Select on your picture (it will say "Me") and you require to authorize pop ups then it will witness all of your poker achievement. On the left hand plane it will utter you have (122) buddies. Select the See All and it will record them separately and make available you the alternative to get rid of! Make sure you push the save changes button in addition they will be moved out from the record of the zynga poker buddy record.

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