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Thread: DC Universe Online Game Crashes

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    DC Universe Online Game Crashes

    Hell friend, I am a game lover. I am having a Dell machine which is running with windows 7 OS, other specification of the machine are like 5GB RAM, 456 GB hard drive, along with this NVIDIA high definition graphics driver, and compatible with the wireless network service. I basically use my machine for online gaming and start to play a new game, which is named as “DC Universe”, butt from last night there is a problem in my machine whenever I tried to play the game. What should I do? How to overcome from the problem?

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    Re: DC Universe Online Game Crashes

    The problem that you mentioned is surely occurring for the graphical interface, though as per my knowledge the game is s high definition game, so there should be the graphics driver is collaborating with this. For that I recommend you to try once try by reload the driver application in your machine, for that insert the driver installation disk in to the machine and look for the driver name into the device manager, and from there, right click on it and select the update option. From the update window, choose advanced option. It will ask you to load the installation process from any location from your machine or some other place. Start the installation process, by simply browse the installation program. Try with this; I hope this will somehow help you to resolve the issue.

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    Re: DC Universe Online Game Crashes

    I don’t think so from DC universe gaming support team, yet now there is no fix is launched for this type of graphics problem. so regarding this I recommend you to look for the graphics drivers, flash players, Active X plugins, those should be applied in your machine. Not only for this game, but this required for every type online gaming console. These are most important features of online gaming console program, so the problem that you mentioned might be occurring for any one of these, so I recommend you to go through this information’s, I hope any one of them will surely help you to resolve the issue.

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    Re: DC Universe Online Game Crashes

    I am using an Asus machine which is compatible with ATI HD graphics card, along with this, I am also facing a game crashing problem. The problem is start occurring from yesterday night. Also the problem is every time when I reach to the second level of that game. When the problem arrives, the whole screen is divided into a lot of number screen splits. There is nothing to understand what is actually appearing into the screen in that time. Though I tried to resolve this issue by reload the driver application with the latest version driver firmware version. I searched everywhere for the solution, but still now did not found any solution or trick for this problem. so is there anyone having any solution or information regarding this problem? Any suggestion will be appreciated greatly.

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