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Thread: Dead Space 2 Collectors Edition Unboxing

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    Dead Space 2 Collectors Edition Unboxing

    Today Jeff Rubenstein as well as his colleague Sid Shuman, unboxed the collector’s version of Gran Turismo 5 which will be displaying up tomorrow. As a result what is so particular regarding the Collector’s version you inquire? or else why would you desire to pay $99.99? For the full description you can watch the video at below link:

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    Re: Dead Space 2 Collectors Edition Unboxing

    Thank you for your link, I am going to purchase Dead Space 2 Collectors Edition. I am buying this for below three reasons:
    1) I am compulsive regarding DS (I got each and every one the trophies for Death Space 1 as well as Ignition, Was privileged to be inside the beta )
    2) The Unit logy suit as well as Plasma cutter replica plus the lithograph
    3) It is a good deal; for just $20 more you acquire so much, ALL CE games be supposed to be $80-100 in price

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    Re: Dead Space 2 Collectors Edition Unboxing

    I think I have the Collector's Edition looks more like I am one of the few that got that kind of thing. A year from now, people with the game Collector's Edition (like me) will be able to brag about it since it was only a few thousand made (guessing because they are all sold out). Also, there is the combination Unitology, muahahahaha, I do not think you guys are going to get it from the Collector's Edition 2 DLC effectors mass has not been given to the public.

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    Re: Dead Space 2 Collectors Edition Unboxing

    Getting a little excited? I also get the CE, but especially for the costume unit logy and Plasma Cutter. I am happy with the size PC. I thought it was the origin of life on average, but they never said that so he did not matter. If she were life size, where do you mean? it would be like a foot wide and 10 inches high and it would be difficult to store, so that the replica is something that easily fits on your desktop, without being obstructive.

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    Re: Dead Space 2 Collectors Edition Unboxing

    These two guys were kind of boring and expensive god who cuts is really small. The last thing they could do to compensate for the size it was a battery in the damn thing. I mean come on anything that uses batteries comes with batteries today. I will put a battery in myself and enjoy the rest of the goodies I get with the EC.

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