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Thread: StarCraft II vs Warcraft III

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    StarCraft II vs Warcraft III

    What game you find better? StarCraft II or Warcraft III. Regarding this I must say that Warcraft III is older but still a damn good game. Many mods, etc. StarCraft II is only just come out. Battlenet, friends, chat, etc. And then what game would you recommend a strategy to poker? I have read that StarCraft II, and much heavier than Warcraft III. Alleged are true professionals in Warcraft III, StarCraft II is not so good. Can you say the same or will it not?

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    Re: StarCraft II vs Warcraft III

    I find both rather well. WCIII is dependent on classic moves on LAN party nervous all the time. SCII is expected to hold long and looks great too. And I love that, other thing is that you do not change the game system , And in this I found that sc 2 is more quick. Certainly better than some other successor, although nearly the same hot principle are on other games. So this is what my personal experience regarding this. I hope this will give you some idea regarding this.

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    Re: StarCraft II vs Warcraft III

    So I'm definitely in Starcraft 2 quickly got in the game, but it may be because a few years ago in between times of Starcraft1 I do not played Warcraft but when I play the Warcraft 3 so I could really deal a long time and is a great game. It is also my opinion, a little slower than Starcraft 2, at least in fights, etc., that you have to overlook in Starcraft 2 first! However, here is a sample league where you can play 50 games outside the normal leagues and correspondingly lighter opponent, also is the league system with the bronze to diamond-League a nice thing. Furthermore, Starcraft 2 good help function to learn. Scenarios, campaign, tutorials and a great vote of KI-starch, so you can quickly defeat a other bots. This I found difficult in Wc3. The mods out there for Warcraft will also benefit from Starcraft 2, here you can already play Footmen or Tower Defense. Overall, I would probably recommend Starcraft2 because it is newer and therefore vll bit extra in terms of graphics and technology.

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    Re: StarCraft II vs Warcraft III

    Starcraft 2 is awesome, the peak of the genre (right now). Varied missions, good story, and good graphics, only to buy the campaign Warcraft 3 was the peak of the genre and is still awesome, just outdated graphics. Especially in multiplayer, however, really good, because the races are perfectly in balance Starcraft 2, however, at what they even are Starcraft 2, I would buy only go for the budget price (if the bags do not have run away from money), while Warcraft 3 and expansion are in any case to have been for 600 rs both good, buy both!

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    Re: StarCraft II vs Warcraft III

    I think Warcraft is more of a party game for Lan and co. Starcraft's a super popular e-sports game, what I would say still works more balanced than WC 3 I also think it's really great that Starcraft runs on any computer really even on Mac. So in my opinion warcraft 3 is far better than the starcraft 2. And I have also seen that many of the users also like the warcraft 3.

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