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Thread: Texture flash in Heaven 2.1

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    Texture flash in Heaven 2.1

    I presently got my 580 GTX vanilla, improved from a GTX 285. My trouble is, when running the heaven bench; I will occasionally observe the textures on buildings iridescent, and the majority obviously iridescent while it reaches the dragon statue. I have got no hint as to why it is performing this. So far I have played Crysis, Mafia 2, Just Cause 2, and RE5 to attempt out a nice dissimilarity in games. All the games stated have NO flickering, apart from Mafia 2, which did more of a weird graphics malfunction on one side of the map, and I could factually drive in and out of the malfunction like it was in one particular zone.

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    Re: Texture flash in Heaven 2.1

    Same here and my temperatures appear well, haven't observe them break 90 degrees in anything up till now at 70 percent steady fan speed. My RAM and CPU are steady, so no errors there also. I made certain the card was seated correct. No weird matter in any additional games. I performed a driver reinstall two times only to make certain, have not had any longer weird matter in Mafia 2, but heaven 2 motionless has a glimmer each once in a short time. Any thoughts on why I might be receiving that would be useful.

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    Re: Texture flash in Heaven 2.1

    Is the GPU at store clocks? If so load up Eleet and elevate GPU voltage by one level, after that test again. It should exercises of the box at hoard speeds with no relics. If raising your voltage fixed it after that you require to RMA it most probable. Or you can maintain it and just maintain that voltage which made it sprint well. If voltage raise did not fix it then delete Unigen each together and rebuild the uninstall driver, reboot secure, driversweeper, reboot and refill drivers and after that Heaven 2.1. If that does not repair it, I would just call EVGA 24/7 sustain is an immense thing.

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    Re: Texture flash in Heaven 2.1

    I attempted the whole thing recommended, and unluckily it motionless has the glimmer during the benchmark. It does not make any wisdom to me. One more thing which possibly worth noting is that it appears like it is just during the benchmark that it does it. I did slightly of walkthrough and free camera and I did not observe any iridescent after that, not certain if that stuffs though. I just wish it is something else besides the card.

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