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Thread: I am not able to use xbox 360 controller on fable TLC

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    I am not able to use xbox 360 controller on fable TLC

    I have comprised a joystick xbox 360 usb controller, typically it runs mechanically by means of most games additional than I not be able to seem to acquire it to work by means of fable. I endeavor remapping and it did not run. Several ideas I by no means might get a wired Xbox controller to work by means of my system even although it fit the USB slot. So I purchase the wireless controller by means of the intention of comes by means of the system receiver. I do not utilize it for this game additional than utilizing Xpadder it worked enormous by means of GTA SA on my PC. I be familiar by means of you be able to utilize the controller this game I have comprised and seen it. Additional than when I endeavor to play it by means of my 360 normal control (I mean the one by means of a usb cable) it does not work. Additional than I be familiar by means of it works for the reason with the intention of I have utilized it for another game.

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    Re: I am not able to use xbox 360 controller on fable TLC

    Though a recent modernize has been completed, it is not worth uploading. I determine to observe if I not be able to create the author of the program create it additional Fable compatible. Theoretically, I necessitate additional selector sets to create the whole thing work 100% approximating the Xbox360 controls. So by means of the intention of is the goal right at present. So I requested commencing from the author, "I necessitate at least two additional sets to imitate wonderful Xbox360 controls for 'Fable'. Assuming 'Fable 2' controls determine to be immediately as complex, they determine to be desirable for when it comes out as well. Particularly, and the majority importantly, I necessitate the extra two sets for the bow zooming procedure.

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    Re: I am not able to use xbox 360 controller on fable TLC

    What was the supplementary game you played by means of it. If it was on the x-360 or is in the "Games for Windows" brand name, by means of the intention of is why your controller worked. You determine to not be capable to plug and play this game by means of your 360 controller, for the reason by means of the intention of it came out back when the standard xbox was tranquil being sold. You determine to almost certainly encompass to revolutionize the button maps on the game or the controller to work by means of the game. It almost certainly would not be fluid or straightforward to understand, anyways, cause the pc version or description uses the 1-9 keys, the F keys, and the mouse (even though merely in menus and stuff). You determine to moreover necessitate a mod (which you might easily google search for and leave us unaccompanied), or you necessitate to remap your keys.

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    Re: I am not able to use xbox 360 controller on fable TLC

    I had immediately acquired an XBOX 360. Compatibility programs similar to by means of the intention of tend to have comprised a lot of flaws and coding tribulations. It is not worth the endeavor. I would take for granted that it does not work. Fable TLC was an innovative xbox game, not a 360 game so a 360 controller commencing from side to side the PC might not run. Play it by means of mouse and keyboard. Pads do not actually run by means of this game unless you desire to play the xbox version or description not the system. The game actually works on system though if you give it an endeavor.

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    Re: I am not able to use xbox 360 controller on fable TLC

    I have encompassed together additional than Fable TLC does not seem to be familiar by means of my xbox 360 controller. I have comprised endeavor the official drivers and the modded drivers for the controller additional than no luck. Anyone have comprised a mod/fix for this predicament. Then run the test if you get the blue screen by means of the stats of your Xbox 360 controller, then you be supposed to be ok. Then start your game up, your green light be supposed to light up and it be obliged to work. I am not 100% certain what games are well-matched by means of it so itís immediately a matter of trial and error. Frightened I not be able to help you, even although it give the impression of being as if DD has it covered. Outlandishly complicated to locate info and list of games by means of the intention of work for it, although a number of patches and updates encompass been released.

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    Re: I am not able to use xbox 360 controller on fable TLC

    I necessitate to get a scan of the Fable TLC xbox instruction manual so I be able to be familiar by means of what buttons are for what. Has to be a agitated one, you immediately plug it in and let your system become aware of and install it and then download the drivers for it commencing from Microsofts website. Do not acquire the pinnacle game controller profiler. In this you have to go to google give the impression of being for xpadder its free and it runs. Just acquire the image of the xbox 360 controller you encompass and then go subsequent to the instructions for it. Itís free, not 20 dollars. It runs for the entire games. I investigate for one of these and found this merely took me a 1 hour subsequent to I started giving the impression of being for one for my innovative controller.

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