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Thread: Best War Game for pc 2010

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    Best War Game for pc 2010

    Below are the list best war games. I am currently playing Battlefield Bad Company 2 video game on my computer. And this very good first person shooter video game

    Company of Heroes

    Company of Heroes is a real-time strategy game, which is located against the backdrop of World War II and takes you on the mission of the brave Able Company. The gripping single player campaign starts with the invasion of Normandy and continues throughout the European continent. FEATURES: - strategy in a dynamic environment: the real-time physics system and a completely destructible environment to ensure that the fights always been different! - Realistic behavior of the soldiers: an advanced AI allows the individual soldiers of the squad are alive when they use the environment to plan attacks and take cover! - Multiplayer mode for 2-8 players over LAN or Internet!

    Call of Duty 4 - Modern Warfare

    "Call of Duty 4 - Modern Warfare" sends the player in the fight against global terrorists. It has an arsenal of modern weapons. In the classic first-person shooter style, it goes from job to job. From time to time make game elements such as controlling an artillery attack variety. "COD 4 - Modern Warfare" is full of action and not necessarily something for fans of tactical shooters.

    Call of Duty

    The war that changed the world, was not won by one man. In the chaos of the war fought - and died - the soldiers side by side. Experience in Call of Duty epic moments on the battlefields of the legendary conflicts of the Second World War, including the D-Day and the battles for Stalingrad and Berlin. See the world through the eyes of ordinary soldiers and nameless hero of the countries whose alliance the course of the history of the modern world had a crucial impact.

    Call of Duty is being developed by Infinity Ward, a newly formed studio, which includes 22 members of the development team and the entire production line, where the popular PC title Medal of Honor: Allied Assault is due to. Call of Duty is probably the most compelling first-person action game to date, has never before been a fact of life and the intensity of the war as captured. The title shows the battle from different perspectives - through the eyes of American, British and Russian soldiers. You begin as an American paratrooper on D-Day, fighting with the British Special Forces and ultimately transported to the Russian tank commander. Fight alongside your comrades in 24 missions that span across four interwoven campaigns.

    Battlefield 2

    With Battlefield 2 trailer for tactical multiplayer duels late nights are inevitable. After the Second World War settled shooter milestone Battlefield 1942 and a trip to Vietnam for the Battlefield series is now in the 21st Century arrived and promises exciting high-tech battles with more than 64 players.

    Battlefield 2 is undoubtedly the first choice for those who like to beat the great battles with dozens of players. The third branch of the Battlefield series combines the proven gameplay of its predecessor with new vehicles and aircraft, stunning graphics and realistic physics. A game that does everything right - access!

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    Re: Best War Game for pc 2010

    Battlefield 1942

    In Battlefield 1942 , which mainly focuses on the multiplayer mode, the player the power and possibilities, the consequences of World War II influence. With the ability to more than 35 authentic vehicles of the Allies and Axis powers to control from the first-person perspective and select from five distinct character groups, the player incredible possibilities for action are available. In addition to numerous options to choose the player if he storms the beaches of Normandy or defended, the artillery or a tank commanded in Kursk, a hunter controls or directs the coastal battery at Midway, command of an aircraft carrier or jeep at Guadalcanal, or which Line of a bomber or troop transport in El Alemain takes over - and experienced some of the most dramatic moments of World War II. The game will be released for PC in summer 2002 and winter 2002 for the Xbox video game system from Microsoft.

    Battlefield 1942 for PC supports up to 64 players to empathize and give them the option of the struggles and battles of World War II. The player can use numerous weapons, both Allied and Axis powers as well as land vehicles, ships and aircraft. He also has the option to choose which position he has held - pilot, gunner, bombardier, etc.

    World in Conflict

    West Germany, 1988. To prevent a collapse, the Soviet army advances into Europe. The counter-response of NATO is however on a second front - a diversionary attack on American soil. You are a commander and lead the most powerful military units of the era to retake America's cities and suburbs.

    World in Conflict is under development by the leading creative and technical geniuses at Massive Entertainment, creators of the innovative and award-winning Ground Control series.

    Call of Duty - Modern Warfare 2

    The plot of "Call of Duty - Modern Warfare 2" plays a few years after the events of the previous title. Again threatened the Russian terrorist organization of global security. In varied missions, it is not only action-packed fights, it is also much tactical skill is required. In addition to the single-player campaign has "Call of Duty - Modern Warfare 2" provides a "Special Operations" mode, where (online or offline), alone or with a second player specific challenges must be overcome. In addition, "Call of Duty - Modern Warfare 2" is also a large and diverse multiplayer modes, the game offers options for every taste.

    Battlefield - Bad Company 2 Vietnam

    The extension to the successful first-person shooter Battlefield - Bad Company 2 throws players into intense multiplayer battles in the jungles of Vietnam. Battlefield - Bad Company 2 - Vietnam includes four multiplayer maps, a single-player campaign is not to finden.Eine fifth multiplayer map is released when 69 million team activities such as Revives and repairs were carried out.

    Like the basic game, the add-on to the player authentic battle scenes, weapons and vehicles. He finds Battlefield - Bad Company 2 - Vietnam, the usual and best game variants such as the Conquest mode.

    The impenetrable jungles of Vietnam and the flat rice fields are the site of a asymmetrical conflict: On one hand, the heavily armed forces of the United States, on the other hand, the North Vietnamese soldiers who follow a pinprick guerrilla tactics to attack.

    Commandos 2

    Commandos 2 is a real-time tactics game set in the aftermath of World War II. The player assumes the leadership of the elite unit in order to meet a variety of missions, are distributed across the globe their locations. The environment is fully interactive: the art can steal dress uniform of the enemy and use enemy weapons and ammunition, walls to climb, along hand over hand to telephone lines, swim and dive into peer into buildings and they enter, use all sorts of objects for camouflage ... The player has an arsenal of weapons such as sniper rifle, machine gun, bazooka, flame thrower, mines, grenades, knives, dynamite ... Sun Commandos 2 offers the player a more realistic and more engaging gaming experience that transcends all barriers of existing real-time tactical games. FEATURES: - More Action! Faster gameplay, which, however, the precise planning of the use and study of all the essential facilities. - The brand new engine offers an unprecedented dimension of gaming graphics: continuous zoom in all scenarios, four different camera angles for all exterior views and rotated 360 inside rooms. - Realistic weather and day and night conditions.

    Operation Flashpoint

    Stealth, tactics or direct attack. Choose between campaign, single player missions or multiplayer. - If you commanding a troop or cover themselves back. Stay alive and be victorious. - Conquer the field of play in multiplayer missions via TCP / IP, LAN or Internet. - About 30 vehicles and planes can be self-directed. From AH1 Cobra Helicopter to M1A1 Abrams tanks, all were originally intended. - Create your own strategic challenges. For solo and multiplay with the easy-to-use mission editor - only your imagination limits you.

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