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Thread: PC stucks while playing games

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    PC stucks while playing games

    My PC is stuck in any game, sometimes you can be 10 hours without crash, others do nothing but enter, some at 3 hours, is very random, which worries me most is that this only happens with games, I surfing on the Internet from am 5 hours but nothing happens, and suddenly I get to the World of Warcraft or any other game and hang. In my PC all games were running perfectly before 2 days. So please help me if you have kind of suggestions. And configuration of my PC is:
    - Motherboard: Asus P6T
    - 4g Ram
    - I7 Processor
    - 1.5 tb
    -Temperature: no more than 50g
    -Graphics: Nvidia Gforce GTS 250

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    Re: PC gets stuck in any game

    Like this issue I have also faced for so many times but in my case it was not that much serious. May be you have not install the updated driver because of that like this issues are going on in your PC. So if you want my suggestion then I will advise you to install the latest driver as soon as it is possible. And after that you just check it. I hope your problem gets fixed.

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    Re: PC gets stuck in any game

    Is the problem of hard disk controller, probably because the drivers for this corrupt the installation or upgrade any drivers? It is normal that you replace the computer because it causes errors in reading / writing discs. ASUS Driver Download for your board of its official website and install it again or update it, as you ask. That should solve the problem if there is no hardware problem.

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    Re: PC gets stuck in any game

    Thanks for the reply, but high level of this not allow me to finish xD. Say it is here where I wanted to send, now that I do with all that? If there's nowhere to go in order to fix this. And related to this I'm not sure. If not I would really appreciate you taking a hand in finding the file Asus P6T Motherboard 1366 Series. I feel a lot of hassle and very grateful.

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