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Thread: Windows 7 throws NIVIDIA driver error while playing games

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    Windows 7 throws NIVIDIA driver error while playing games

    Hey man I am very much of addicted of game, but you know why in recent days I canít play any game on my computer. I have computer that works great with Microsoft windows 7 operating system with 64 bit, motherboard e-VGA x58 SLI LE, Intel core i7 processor @3.6GHz, graphic card of GTX 295 @1GB and 1.5TB hard drive. I think that all this hardware works great but donít know why I canít play a game, while playing game I got error message on my screen that say ďdisplay driver NVIDIA windows kernel mode driver stopped respondingĒ. This error sometime display while playing a game, sometimes displays after one may be two hours, it means it display accidentally, do you have any idea about this error. Hey man please I am requesting you to help; I need some information or any particular solution by which I can solve this kind of problem. Please understand help me out to come out from this mess. Any suggestion would be appreciated.

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    Re: Windows 7 throws NIVIDIA driver error while playing games

    You may face this type of error which not allows you to play any game on your system only because of driver. If you have not installed the graphic card driver properly into system, but donít worry that you can solve this problem, for that uninstall it and reinstall it again in your system, and when you finished with this just restart your system. I hope this might help you to fix this kind of problem.

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    Re: Windows 7 throws NIVIDIA driver error while playing games

    ----If you have put the game resolution setting to highest level, but your system is not able to take this kind of range, you might face this problem. So to fix this error just put graphic level to normal or low level. Your system will not allow high level graphics, for this only reason you can see this error. Just do what I say to you, this might help you.

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    Re: Windows 7 throws NIVIDIA driver error while playing games

    This is also possible that if your system has lost the Direct x driver, due to this reason you might have to suffer from this kind of problem. This driver get corrupted due to any reason means any virus can destroy this driver.To prevent from this error just reinstall if again in your system, I wish for you that after doing this you might get your solution for error. From my side I have only this suggestion.

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    Re: Windows 7 throws NIVIDIA driver error while playing games

    ---- If I were at your place I will only buy new graphic card, because I have suffered from this problem. To fix this problem I have called hardware engineer, he first saw this error, and fix it, by replacing this chip. He tells me that graphic chip get damaged, for this only you are facing this problem. From my side I have only this solution, try this out on your system, it work great with you.

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