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Thread: Way of using non Xbox 360 Controller in steam

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    Way of using non Xbox 360 Controller in steam

    I have recently brought steam as my friend had purchased a Modern Warfare 2 and he did not have the device in order to run Modern Warfare 2. All the time I generally use xbox manager so as to have my PS2 USB regulator should work in the games but with I think to work with the same steam but there is no game folder so that I could hack it. So please help me in providing the method that how to play my MW 2 with the help of device USB PS2 controller. please send me your reply if you know the method.

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    Re: Way of using non Xbox 360 Controller in steam

    What I have to ask is that you really want to use a game controller with to play CODMW 2. Because as far as my experience says that it’s better to use keypad and mouse to play this kind of game. With the help of mouse you can move and turn without waste of time and you can aim the target more accurately in less time. I have never understood why the people are using the game controller external hardware for playing the games which is basically meant for the computers. Whereas everyone have idea that PC hardware’s are better.

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    Re: Way of using non Xbox 360 Controller in steam

    This is with reference to the answer of Apple I want to tell you 50% of the people like to play the games with the help of external devices like joystick, wheels etc. And I use to play the game with the help of my gamepad mostly for the reality I slight that the carpel channels from hour to hour of control and overcome. And I came up with, that the controller is more contented and at a great extent more useful as I didn’t have to search key to press the action, and in my experience the value receiving shot in the back rarely.

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    Re: Way of using non Xbox 360 Controller in steam

    I have gamepad that I am using from last five year, and normally I use to play non FPS games with the gamepad. And for all my FPS games I use a mouse and keyboard. And also I have Xbox 360 with me and normally I use to play my all sports games with the Xbox 360 controller and I have experienced that it is good for the non FPS game. But it limits you to will playing the FPS games. And don’t’ even try to play the online games with the Xbox you will irritate while playing good games also.
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