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Thread: Metro 2033 VS Crysis

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    Metro 2033 VS Crysis

    I am having one question regarding which i need your help. Actually i am planning to install the some game into the system of mine and while searching for same i have come to know that only two game is suitable for system of mine. One is Metro 2033 and another one is Crysis. But not sure which is the best game for PC.So if any one is having knowledge regarding the same then please let me know about it. Thanks in advance.

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    Re: Metro 2033 VS Crysis

    I will advise you to go with the Metro 2033 which is having the nice feature and story mode. This game is created by former developers of STALKER, Metro 2033 has retained a certain spirit. Inspired by the novel of the same name, the SPF you into the underground traversing the basement of Moscow some twenty years after a nuclear holocaust. Refugees in the city, the survivors are organized, making subway stations in the villages, fleeing the dark corridors or the surface cold air to breathe. In the depths, like the surface, we must resist the mutant creatures, the Novalis, but also drives and through the most violent of humanity. Here, neo-Nazis, is nostalgic for Soviet times, well beyond mere violent thieves who do not even bother to any ideal. But the greatest threat is that of the Dark, creatures that enter the human mind to sow chaos. But not yours. Artyom curiously resistant to these attacks because he has a psychic gift, a gift that makes him sometimes see funny things. In his boots, you'll have to leave the cocoon of your station across town and embark on a journey fraught with consequences. These are the main feature that attract me and force me to play the game. If you can then play the same and work with the issue.

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    Re: Metro 2033 VS Crysis

    I will go with the Crysis which is the best multiplayer game. This is shooting game in first person, Crysis PC immerses the player in the heart of the Philippines, an island of very good size at very dense jungle, which are woven a dark business. In 2020, the North Korean army is in place, and it is your responsibility to find out what is going on, dressed in a Nanosuit, which can allow you to hide any occasion.Everyone has been waiting for months whether to take the final coveted spot Crysis FPS of the year.

    Worthy successor to Far Cry, Crysis proves that if it were not Crytek's FPS is a goldsmith, real artists. One remembers that at the time of its release Crysis imposed a real slap visual FPS lovers. Indeed, three years later, the game always appears as a standard for judging the quality of current chart titles.

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    Re: Metro 2033 VS Crysis

    If it is addictive, very addictive, Metro 2033, however, suffers strange flaws, as if 4A Games had not been able to choose which direction to its FPS. Overall, the whole feeling of fighting a little disappointing. The first movement is very sluggish, which is felt against the novalis, fast and as brutal as that was very difficult to follow sometimes. More unfortunate still, even the most powerful weapons are missing potato.

    It is obvious during the recent fighting, just cons of critters that seem to like a damn that they shot the mouth by turning in circles around a pillar to try to stay alive while they recharge. A problem that becomes disturbing when it affects human enemies also to end the game, capable of eating lead to no end. Severe lack for a game that often drives us to fight in confined spaces, it is impossible to look to fire cover, and the melee attack is only possible with certain weapons. Finally, if 4A Games has begun to create a scholarship to arms, we can not see the features, only vaguely know if one that interests us is better than ours or not.

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    Re: Metro 2033 VS Crysis

    The whole story begins in 2020. An asteroid crashes on an idyllic island chain in the Pacific. North Korea invaded the island immediately and evacuated the residents. Five days after the occupation by the KVA, the Korean People's Army, the U.S. military reached an emergency radio message a resident, American archaeological team led by Dr. Rosenthal. Immediately we are a team of Special Forces agents in modern Nanosuits sent to rescue the excavation director and her team and to evacuate the island. At first we are not disposed towards the Koreans particularly positive, but soon we find that there are in the depths of tropical forests is still far worse than the enemies from the Far East. Because the asteroid will turns out to be a mother ship of an advanced, alien species, which destroy mankind and the wonderfully-comfortable Crysis world into a wasteland. Having first on the island chain, then on an aircraft carrier in the U.S. Army and eventually fight on the mother ship of the aliens themselves, the story finds its climax there.

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    Re: Metro 2033 VS Crysis

    Metro 2033 is not necessarily what was expected. On the merits, it is a very classic corridor shooter whose mechanisms are a little rusty, with a gunfight limit wobbly and level design of a highly interventionist. But in form, it enjoys a strong identity, a great atmosphere and immersive power that compensates for many defects. Metro 2033 will not become a reference like STALKER his cousin, he was damn far, but he has enough quality to attract fans of FPS-oriented narrative. Despite some reductions regime inspirational part from time to time, 4A book a nice room, a post-apocalyptic convincing, served by an impressive technique. But we often plague against the lack of interaction with this environment or especially an optimization that leaves something to be desired.

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