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Thread: Need suggestion before buying Splinter Cell 6

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    Need suggestion before buying Splinter Cell 6

    I am planing to install the Splinter cell into the system if mine but i have heard that latest version of the Splinter cell is about to release which is Splinter Cell 6 and having the better graphic quality. So i am thinking to wait till the Splinter cell 6 but wanted to know when it is about to release and what does it cost for purchasing. If you can then please let me know about same. Thank you.

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    Re: Need suggestion before buying Splinter Cell 6

    Ubisoft's future goes through his studio in Toronto, a team that will grow gradually over the years, and that he delegated most triple A titles for the company. Responsible for the post, Jade Raymond, had long argued that they were already developing a triple A title which would not give more clues, but the rumors seemed to be in a very clear direction.

    There are now official confirmation of the work they are doing today: "We are working on Splinter Cell 6, the next iteration of the hit franchise, and we are doing everything here in Toronto. In the next 10 years we intend to increase the study until at least 800 people, and already we are ahead of schedule.

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    Re: Need suggestion before buying Splinter Cell 6

    Ubisoft producer Jade Raymond has announced in a recent interview with Gamasutra that Ubisoft Toronto portal will be the study commissioned to develop the sixth installment of the Splinter Cell series, has begun production.

    "All the core team of Conviction has been relocated from Montreal with me," said the producer on the previous location of the study. "When you develop a game has an impact (...), and I think from that point of view the Splinter Cell franchise fits well in Toronto."

    Apparently the team is not only working on Splinter Cell 6, but is also doing another Triple A game declared itself as Raymond. "Instead of starting a studio and work on smaller projects or portable DS, let's start with goals only Triple A. The reason is that I think that's the best strategy to attract the best talent. "

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    Re: Need suggestion before buying Splinter Cell 6

    The remarkable Splinter Cell: Conviction to appear in April on PC and Xbox 360 are left in the pipeline a number of gameplay elements that Ubisoft itself has acknowledged, but for our luck will be included in the next installment of the series. This was confirmed both Maxime Beland and Patrick Redding, creative Splinter Cell: Conviction: "There are many things we had to discard, but we could use these ideas in Splinter Cell 6", they say. One of those gameplay elements is a skill he called "abduction movements" and that Uncharted 2 has been used very well: "Uncharted 2 used it very well, is the movement where you're covered, you grab the enemy and bring it out of sight of others. Was expected, but finally had to remove. "

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    Re: Need suggestion before buying Splinter Cell 6

    Emerge on CVG interesting details about the future of the Splinter Cell series and especially the sixth chapter, not yet officially announced. Ubisoft has failed to implement in Splinter Cell: Conviction all the features that originally had in mind, but some of these ideas are sure to be found in Splinter Cell 6.

    First, we will use the system of movement of the character used in Uncharted 2: Thieves and especially the way in which the bodies of the enemies are used as cover. This feature was planned for Conviction, but the software house has not had time to insert it. Ubisoft is also interested in how the game Naughty Dog has managed to unite the parties focused on 'action and those on the puzzle, so you try to aim for that type of gameplay to improve the quality of Splinter Cell 6.

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    Re: Need suggestion before buying Splinter Cell 6

    Maxime Beland Patrick Redding, Ubisoft, have spoken to the foreign magazine Xbox World 360 on what the next installment in the Splinter Cell franchise. Apparently, for the next episode will use many of the ideas that could not be used in Splinter Cell: Conviction .

    There are a few things that were left out, but we could use these ideas in Splinter Cell 6. I wish we had time to incorporate mechanical drag bodies. I wish we could include what I like to call abduction movements, something that works well in Uncharted 2, which allows you, when you're in cover, grabbing an enemy and taking him out of view. This was planned for Conviction, but it's something we had to delete.

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