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Thread: Success won't sync in games.

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    Success won't sync in games.

    Hi! The time when I was enjoying the game of Batman: Arkham Asylum GOTY and I thrash all the combat enemy and I considered that I would have given 2000G except it didn't happen because I overlook to buy an upgrade. Thatís why I went into alone player and purchased the advance then again entered to another region so that I will be able to auto save and it will not locked. I remained a hardly any miniatures then again reversed out of the game. When I test a some hours afterward I observed it gives 1925/2000 and then I evaluate the game among my account on some other profile and it gives 1925/2000. Then I restart the game up once more and my saved game is damage and after I test on the dictionary menu it gives that I have 2000/2000 in that. Get me the solution of how to update to get 2000G?

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    Re: Success won't sync in games.

    Hello! Bewdarju,I want to know that you have deleted your profile or the game that you have saved for Batman may not be able to work now. Because usually this didn’t issue in a Games For Windows Live (GFWL) game, but in case of Batman and some of the others name the game depends on a few data that can be changed once re-downloading your profile is done. In case of other it remains on the profile.

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    Re: Success won't sync in games.

    Hi! Bewdarju, you have a method or a type of trick it interested in again awarding the achievement if the sync is not working. Let me clarify that for one or two games that contain a definite achievement sync matter, it is not for all to observe the achievements not pass to sync. Recently we had some games that have curious data on the servers than the game gone with so the achievements certainly open the lock on the client but not on the server side. We will be speedy to repair the matter but users had to go from the following steps so that the achievement would be 'open lock' again.
    1. Start Batman and login into account online to your Window Live facilitate account.
    2. Then hang about for some piece of minutes this will formulate you convinced that all other achievements are details to live. Then simply terminate Batman.
    3. Then start searching in your computer for the file called 534307FF.gpd, it must be beneath some sub folders in %localappdata%\Microsoft\xlive\content\.
    4. At that place you have one 534307FF.gpd file for each live account that you have created on you system. The majority of file you have is one, but if there are extra gratify do again steps 1-3 for every profile on your computer or confirm that you are intention on your personal 534307FF.gpd in the similar drive.
    5. And if you are convinced that this is the 534307FF.gpd file connected through your account erase now that file.
    6. And then start Batman.
    7. And then fill a saved game as near to the position of finding the achievement as likely and recover the achievement. Good Luck.

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    Re: Success won't sync in games.

    Hello! Bewdarju, once you have finished the step given by Mac.Then you must observe the achievement announcement pop up once more and now you must have it recorded on live. After this at the time of you restarting the Batman, if you look your awards for the game it will all show to be unachieved. But donít panic, once you achieve awards the remaining of your awards will be downloaded from live and all should appear regular. Yet once again you can gain earlier achievement to do this, but you will not acquire twice same credit.

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